WOONSOCKET – Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt announced via press release on April 29 that “the warmer, spring weather has allowed the city of Woonsocket’s Highway Division to begin their annual road reconstruction and paving program. The city’s “in-house” paving crew has kicked off the season on Viva Way, a street that has not been paved in 50 years! The city will be releasing information regarding other roads on this year’s paving schedule.”

Director Steven D’Agostino told The Breeze that Woonsocket’s previous investment in repaving equipment allows the city freedom to do most road repairs themselves, while other large projects are sometimes put out to bid. To date, D’Agostino believes they’ve repaired 50 to 60 roads in-house.

This year, the Department of Public Works is assessing the remaining part of Winter Street for repairs, as well as evaluating Rockridge Drive.

D’Agostino also noted that they recently outsourced Wood Avenue to Miozzi Paving out of North Kingstown.

“We still have work on Jillson Avenue, we’ve looked at Hamlet Avenue, they may need some work soon,” D’Agostino said. “I have a rather large list.”

“As our paving season begins, I would like to especially acknowledge our talented road crews, as well as Director D’Agostino for training and maintaining the only in-house, municipal road paving crew in the state. Using our own crews to pave some of our streets allows us to improve more roads and is a savings to the taxpayers,” Baldelli-Hunt said in a press release.

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