NORTH PROVIDENCE – Police in North Providence have acquired new speed signs to notify motorists of how fast they’re going and hopefully use passing reminders to motivate them to slow down.

Chief of Police Alfredo Ruggiero Jr. updated the Town Council on Sept. 6 on a number of efforts by his department to curb speeding, including installation by the Department of Public Works of new false speed bumps on Woodward Road.

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What gets me, and I'll never understand this - North Providence is the ONLY TOWN in Rhode Island in which the residents believe they own the streets as well as their homes located in said streets. If you've got children and grandchildren and they're safe inside your home, how is a speeding vehicle bothering you? If you've got children and grandchildren outside, 9 out of 10 times, a driver will slow up by tapping their brakes for the safety of the children... it's the 1 bad apple that spoils the whole bunch and its few and far between. Have you nothing else to do other than be an angry Karen over something that literally does not affect you? If the speed limit on Woodward Rd is 25 and I'm doing 35... who am I hurting if there's no children around/no residents going for walks? Stop crying.


Well first, we as taxpayers actually DO own the streets, secondly if you think speeding is ok as long as you "tap" the breaks then maybe you shouldn't be behind the wheel. How many injured or dead people or pets is an acceptable amount to you just so you can speed?




Well, I "cry" when my son is hit while riding his bike, my other son's car is sideswiped (twice), my car is totalled by a driver doing the 35 MPH 'limit', in a drunken state, and the police keep telling me 'it is a cut through street'. And no, people don't tap their breaks, they rev their engines, speed up, curse, and keep on going. If you don't have resources to control the traffic problems in the town, then use modern technology and common sense -speed bumps, speed cameras, enforcing the limit (which is 20 mph on my street, not some 'limit' that you or anyone else decides is OK. Law enforcement is not about patrol cars and officers, its about creating reasons for people to obey the laws. And it aint working in this town


The police do not deserve, and have better things to do, other than hear from dispatch that people are calling in and reporting speeders. It is a waste of resources, and a waste of tax dollars... it's a waste of your money and mine. Common sense dictates to park as close to your property line as possible and close your mirror if you're parking on a public street heavily utilized as a cut-through. Not saying it's your sons fault his car was sideswiped twice, but common denominator in those 2 situations is obviously the way he was parked; as far as your street being a 20 MPH zone, I see no harm in doing 25-30 ONLY if people/children/pets are NOT around - unfortunately, not everyone has common sense, and a little extra RPM's isn't anything someone should lose sleep over. PS: when you get a second, drive down Elliot Avenue - look at all the cars parked on the road and count how many of them are either missing mirrors or have taped up mirrors... they're double parking purposely to get people to slow down and it's working against them; deserved, but valid reason to report a hit and run to police.


Mailing tickets weeks later is not an answer unless the goal is just to make money and get people to slow down for 50 feet and speed back up again, which can often be more dangerous than letting people drive a few mph over the posted limit.


"Letting them"??? Why, lets let people point guns at people who p*** them off, hmm? Letting them?

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