No Shave November

Det. Raymond Nardolillo, of the NPPD, is one of many in the department growing out their beards for No Shave November and Double Down December.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Since taking over as president of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 13 in 2018, Lt. Tom Jones has been laser-focused on improving the relationship between the community and North Providence Police Department.

Now the officer in charge of the Community Affairs Division for the past year or so, Jones is kicking that focus into hyperdrive, organizing numerous events to both give back and help the community as a whole.

After a successful No Shave November to raise money for Cops for Kids with Cancer, with money also hopefully going to Hasbro Children’s Hospital, police are now participating in Double Down December, keeping their beards going to raise even more money.

Attendance at a recent women’s self-defense program sponsored by police shocked Jones, with more than 40 people signing up, including some members of town departments.

Police are also now wrapping up their toy drive, and were set to deliver gift cards and toys to St. Mary’s Home for Children on Tuesday, Dec. 14, after partnering with Target and going on a shopping spree with managers at the store.

Officers contributed to donations for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, delivering full Thanksgiving dinners to some 20 families, including one family that had been homeless and living near the library. They were able to put the family up at the Homewood Suites by Hilton in Smithfield for a week, and representatives from R.I. Rent Assistance were subsequently able to get them into an apartment. Jones said police partnered with Shiloh Gospel Church to feed Thanksgiving dinners to 16 families there as part of the effort.

Jones said he’s in a great position now as both the head of the union and head of community affairs to organize efforts, telling The North Providence Breeze he recently sent out an email to membership and another $400 came in.

“With the dual roles, I’m definitely using it to my advantage to get as much as we can done,” he said.

Rank-and-file police are constantly donating, he said, as are the chief and deputy chief. He said there’s a really great partnership right now between the FOP, police and community.

Jones said he originally had a goal of building a better reputation for the Police Department, but he didn’t envision three years ago that he’d have the chance to maximize those efforts through a position in community affairs.

“We’re constantly doing something,” he said.

Participation in events has been building, he said, with the 40 people signing up for the self-defense class, the most obvious sign yet that the community is totally on-board with what police are looking to do. Many of those women immediately began asking what else the department might be offering after learning basic tools of self-defense and how to be situationally aware, he said, and he’s now planning a series of events to offer to the community, including programs on firearms safety, and mental health and domestic violence.

As an add-on to the gun safety course, teaching people how to lawfully go about getting a concealed carry permit and safely owning a gun, he said he envisions also potentially running some kind of gun buyback or giveback event to get some old weapons off the street.

By the time the mental health and domestic violence sessions are concluding, Jones said he and others are planning to run a citizens’ police academy, and by the time that comes about, engagement will be so high that they envision they’ll have to turn people away.

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I find it funny how so many are offended by his kit. It just shows how clueless you are to the dangers of the job. Also, Cops don't usually carry a shot timer on duty with them. He is clearly at the range.

Derrick L

Why is this dude dressed like he is about to invade Ukraine? Are stolen beer trucks and ATV riders that much of a threat?


You are completely on target. While much charitable work is being done, the image is very much disturbing and never should have been published. This image is the antithesis of a very good article. Please tell me what officers are capable of providing mental health or domestic violence programs? And the very last thing we need is more guns in homes.


I was wondering the same. What is in all the pockets of that vest?


First of all, they wanted a photo of him with his beard for their article. Maybe they met up with him when he was on a training day at the range. Cops spend a lot of time training, including on several different weapons. Don't be offended by the way he's dressed. Be grateful he's there and well trained.

Joe M

Yea, cause those are the only types of things they deal with. Maybe you should apply and give it a shot before you post nonsense. If God forbid there were ever an active shooter in 1 of our schools, we should only hope these Officers are trained and well equipped to deal with the threat. Who cares what they’re wearing as long as they show up, ready to go when the bell rings?

Derrick L

The problem is, Joe, is that the militarization of the police is the problem more so than proposed or potential threats. Whenever I go to the range I do not dress like a paratrooper ready to invade a country in an armored transport vehicle. Is this were our tax money is going - to support cops LARPing as soldiers to go after robbery suspects or speeding cars?


We certainly do expect them to be trained and to be well equipped if faced with active shooters, however if the objective was to showcase community involvement and not shaving for charity, this photo is hardly it. Many people have worked in very dangerous positions without being armed to the hilt. For instance, I worked in locked wards where I spent a very good portion of my day restraining men and women. So, in many respects I have been there, without being able to use a weapon. Additionally, my guess is, not one officer in that department has the qualifications to conduct domestic violence education. I would prefer that the department hire licensed clinical social workers to educate on issues relative to domestic situations.

Joe M

Derrick, this guy is at the shooting range, he’s not on duty dressed like that and most likely never will be unless he’s on a swat team. And unfortunately they cant pick and choose what types of calls they will be responding to. Im sure if it was just speeding cars, they wouldn’t be training with high caliber weapons. But it could be an armed robbery or worse some type of mass shooting. And if one of your family members were involved, im sure you would hope to God they showed up with enough to get the job done and not worry about what they’re wearing.

David P. Tikoian

It is both rewarding and inspiring to read about the enhanced Community Outreach initiatives the North Providence Police Department and the FOP are collaborating with the Community. A well developed relationship and synergy with the Police Department, its' members and the community builds Trust, Confidence and mutual respect. Keep up the good work.


Colonel David P. Tikoian-Ret.

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