Speeding complaints

Gail Christie and Chris Harvey explain to the North Smithfield Town Council last week how speeding traffic has impacted their quality of life on Iron Mine Hill Road.

NORTH SMITHFIELD – Speeding has gotten so bad on Iron Mine Hill Road, say residents in the area, that it’s become nearly impossible for pedestrians to feel safe in this neighborhood off Eddie Dowling Highway.

Residents showed up to a July 18 meeting to call for traffic-calming measures, including possible implementation of speed humps (more gradual than bumps) or cameras.

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With all the twists , turns, and hills on Iron Mine maybe some speed bumps strategically located here and there is the best option ..I grew up on Iron Mine and unless you know the road very well , you are gonna hurt someone speeding like a maniac ...


P. S. I'd be curious to know what effect that new stop sign has had on this situation, don't recall any complaints regarding speed prior to their installation.


This should all be solved by the changes to 146, so it seems real short-sighted to begin installing things just to make them totally redundant in a year or so

Also, As councilor Vadenais said, speed cameras by law are only allowed in school zones & requires accompanying legislation be passed by the statehouse. On top of that, having lived next to these zones in Pawtucket I can promise that the residents of Iron Mine Hill Rd. do not want a speed camera on their street that indiscriminately tickets you each time you go over 29 mph.

Those things do much more to enrich the companies w/ lucrative contracts, and hands them the money of residents.

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