LINCOLN – Bally’s Twin River Casino’s 40,000-square-foot expansion and Sportsbook Rhode Island’s Super Bowl LVII wagers show that there is no lack of interest in gambling.

According to the Rhode Island Department of Revenue, $5.9 million worth of bets were placed on the 2023 Super Bowl across the state of Rhode Island.

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omg omg Ballys casino is filled with smoke smells like weed,cigars,and ciggs all in one. Grab a rewards card at players club and the pin # you set up locks you out over and over because when you put in the pin it says wrong pin thats because the pad with the numbers is so worn out good luck .Then you walk to a cashier line and wait in a line 10 deep with 1 cashier for 15 minutes to reset your pin # and hopefully you can get some points that add up to nothing so you give up,and the amount of rewards they give vs what they should be giving is a lot. The people yell at the person resetting the pin # ( a cashier not a players club member who is the dept that free play,free gifts,but can't reset pin # on there cards so you have to stand in line again.Sports betting also a joke it's monday night football and the sportsbook is closing at 8pm throwing people out and the place is full,but they don't want to pay employees so they close to avoid that. You have people who complain all day because the machines are broken to cash out so where do they go ? They stand in line 10 deep to complain because they use machines to avoid tipping the staff,and now you no working machines and only 1 cashier because people use machines and jobs were cut in place of machines.When you complain to the only cashier who can't go the rest room .They don't care you wanted this now deal with it.Do you know all the machines are down yes and ??? The job to fill those machines is labor intensive and not worth the pay so they have no help at times to fill the old used can't find parts to fix it. Reported 425 million loss today ,but buys properties all over the country and has taken years to expand and its still not open.When people use to tip employees could pay bills now the hourly wage is not livable so employees found other jobs and now you have nights with no drink servers,windows closed 1 cashier after midnight in the whole building on a night of a 3 day holiday weekend .I could go on but last but not least like all other jobs in that place.The owners want unarmed security instead of armed because 13 dollars an hr is better then 20,and that is not enough.So you kow have a serious security issue .If anything happens by the time Lincoln police show up ? The media does not report half the things that go on their and lottery knows but does nothing as they have many people watching people who are also watching dealers who are all being watched .A 425 million dollar loss and they are in charge of major tax revenue for the state and run it so poorly.I hope someday our politicians ask what is going on ?

Corrine murphy

Omgggg ! Twin river / Bally’s “ so much so close?” Isn’t that the saying - well my friend had their phone stolen from a charging station and security said they couldn’t help and nothing was captured on video???? I asked them to call the police and they said no. Like hello- isn’t there a zillion high def cameras in there !? I’ve heard of so many overdoses there and even heard of girls working on the only fans pages in the hotel .

Peace of mind for the community , the innocent group of patrons that go to the casino , as well as liability for the casino , how are the police not in there ?? Hopefully the town council coordinate something with the public safety director and get the casino protected without draining from the towns resources! I’ve seen so many officers out and about doing a great job lately! #backtheblue #makelincolngreatagain

John Flynn

Doesn’t the Two receive more in property taxes from the hotel and the expansion?

The Town may already be receiving enough in the 1 and 1/2 percent from the vlt’s to offset any increased costs to the Town.


We are working on getting those details. It seems like a closely held secret.


It's all public info, no secrets...there's a report monthly in the TC agenda (Page 129 of February agenda) and anyone can look up their property tax online. I know it's easier to make blanket statements of accusatory nature than doing your homework...


Fromtheville, my comment was about the vlt's, not property taxes. I am glad, though, our leaders are finally looking at this.

Ken Pichette

I responded to both, look at page 129 on the February agenda. I have copied and pasted it for you, but it is difficult to read in this format. You'll have to go to the Town website, pull up the agenda and look at it. It's not that difficult.

0-315-4100 OTHER STATE REVENUE R3151 TABLE GAMES COMMISSION - 59,506.22 625,982.26 (625,982.26)

10-315-4100 OTHER STATE REVENUE R3152 VLT COMMISSIONS 5,200,000.00 1,520,169.18 4,476,878.12 723,121.88

Ken Pichette

By the way, Fromtheville was a very old login I used before I became a Councilor. I had responded on another computer yesterday that was still logged in under that username from many years ago. I am not hiding who I am. I wish you and the Committee would talk to us (some responsible members have) about this sort of stuff rather than post untruths and nefarious accusations like we don't "look at" this stuff or aren't aware of it. It is something we see every month on the agenda. Maybe read it once in a while and you'll know what we are "secretly" doing.


In response to Ken Pichette, thank you for providing that information on the vlt revenue for our town. You will have to excuse my shortcomings, but I have not been able to locate this report on the town website (and the Feb agenda report is the last place I would have expected it). I am extremely grateful that the Town Council is reviewing this and hopeful that additional members will join our effort to requests more revenue from sportsbook. I appreciate your help and look forward to your support.


The Lincoln Republican Town Committee is taking action on a motion to submit legislation to the General Assembly, with the help of Senator Thomas Paolino, seeking a fixed percentage to offset costs associated with this expansion, potentially leading to, and including, more funding of police details.

We will be urging our Town Administrator and elected members of the Lincoln Town Council to support this effort.

This is not a partisan issue, but it does take leadership. It would serve our community well if the town's leadership, members of the Democratic Town Committee, and their state delegation, would support this effort as well.


Update: A big THANK YOU to Town Councilman Bruce Ogni for backing this effort 100%!

Cameron Deutsch

As the new Chair of the Lincoln Dems, I would be interested in reading the resolution and bring it up with the rest of the committee. While I am certainly no expert on the Twin River situation, I am concerned with what I have heard through Valley Breeze reporting and conversations I have had with voters. We the town need to be active in re-evaluating our relationship with Twin River, and how we make it more equitable for us. I am also inclined to agree that a strong bipartisan solution can be developed and passed.


Thank you Cameron! There is definitely homework to do first, but our executive committee has discussed reaching out to you.


I would love to know if the town has been able to secure any extra revenue from the casino with the expansion? Also did we all forget that there is still no police detail at the casino as previously reported?! Why isnt this being discussed or dealt with especially when the current town administrator is a former police officer? Seems like this is a massive disservice to the residents of the town which seems to be the trend. Sad


Anyone care to guess what our fearless leaders managed to get as a percentage of revenues for the host town of Lincoln?

John Flynn

That comes from the Legislatures. You would have to convince a majority of State Senators and State Reps that represent cities and towns that get zero to vote to give Lincoln more money. Good luck with that effort.


It starts with asking for it. Lincoln has had some success in the past as the money was included in the general budget which legislators supported for other reasons.

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