PAWTUCKET – Pawtucket School Committee Chairwoman Erin Dube and Vice Chairman Roberto Moreno were both unanimously re-elected to their leadership posts during a meeting on Jan. 4.

Dube said that as she looks to 2022, she sees her top responsibility being to ensure that all school committee members have a voice at the table.

Moreno said he agrees with that goal was grateful to be re-elected alongside Dube.

“This committee is bigger than two people in leadership,” Moreno said. “Every member has a voice, and we’re all here for the same thing: to advocate for the over 8,000 children in our district.”

As The Breeze reported last June, the School Committee elected Dube and Moreno to lead after former Chairman Jay Charbonneau resigned from his leadership position.

Dube said that by being elected chair in 2021 right before the 2021-2022 school year began, she saw the challenges the Pawtucket schools went through as COVID-19 continued. She said that despite the challenges, teachers, staff, and administrators in Pawtucket were able to provide continuous in-person education throughout the fall, which she said she is proud to say is due to everyone working tirelessly on behalf of studetns.

“I was a teacher and teacher mentor in various different districts before serving on the School Committee, and I can say that Pawtucket has a uniquely talented staff teaching our students and working in our buildings,” Dube said. “Preserving and growing this team is key to present and future success.”

Along with supporting those who made the school year possible, Dube and Moreno said one of their biggest accomplishments in 2021 was prioritizing upgrades to facilities and helping Pawtucket serve as a model for the state.

Moreno said upgrades include major ongoing reconstruction of elementary schools and a planned unified high school.

“This concept will bring generational change to the city of Pawtucket and its impact will affect the population as an educational and athletic model for the state,” he said.

“I am proud of how the committee continues to stay focused on the ultimate goal of the importance of high quality education in 21st century facilities,” Dube said.

She stated that another important aspect of the school board’s accomplishments comes at the subcommittee level.

“The Pawtucket School Committee is strong because the various backgrounds and experiences of the members help to drive their passion to ensure that all students in Pawtucket have excellent educational opportunities,” she said. “I believe, in 2022, we will really see this through our subcommittees.”

In 2022, member Kimberly Grant will be the head of the special needs subcommittee and she says she plans to ensure the school board focuses on equitable opportunities and facilities for Pawtucket’s special education students.

Committee member Joanne Bonollo is head of the wellness subcommittee and says she plans on paying unique attention to the social-emotional and physical and mental health needs of both students and staff.

Committee member Stephen Larbi is the head of the policy subcommittee. He said he will be focused on equity and excellence for all through policy work.

Moreno is the chairman of the facilities subcommittee and, in that role, will lead committees that oversee the completion of Winters Elementary School and the start of our Baldwin Elementary School project.

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