PAWTUCKET – Seven months shy of concluding her first term in office, District 4 City Councilor Alexis Schuette says she won’t be making a second attempt at the seat.

There will likely be no shortage of people taking aim at what will be an open seat, with former District 4 Councilor John Barry III telling The Breeze this week that he’s considering a bid to return to the council, and Neicy Coderre, a city resident who works as an administrative assistant for the Rhode Island Senate, saying she’s exploring a run for the seat.

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I think Barry was a decent councilman, definitely would not for for Coderre myself. To me, she would be to tied, maybe even beholden to the hacks on the Hill. Not only her, but her husband could also be susceptible to political pressure. Tell the truth, I would love to see someone with no political experience or baggage run. Preferably a small business person, or someone who actually cares for the City ahead of politics. Someone who’s not looking for a political career, using the office as a stepping stone, like getting elected to a small office, like school committee, then going for the Council, then setting sites on the Hill, etc.. Those types of hacks are only interested in themselves and their careers. We’ve seen it time and time again. Well, here’s hoping there is someone in the District, fed up with the state of the City, with no political ambitions, who just want to help their community.


New is not always better than old. I'm guessing the folks that voted for the current council person expected more. I can't safe for sure but I can say that that city would be lucky to have John Barry back on the council. In 20+ years as a Pawtucket business owner and home owner John has always been accessable, responsive, considerate and scandal Free. I don't think people could ask for much more than that in an elected council person. We would all be lucky to have him back as a leader and a listener. If you have never met or talked to him take the opportunity.

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