Tasca Field in Scituate

Two recent break-ins at the Scituate Youth Soccer Association Field House resulted in the robbery of candy, novelty items and the field’s golf cart. Now, the group is asking for donations to replace the golf cart.

SCITUATE – The Scituate Youth Soccer Association is asking for help purchasing a new golf cart after its well-loved cart was stolen from the field house at Tasca Field last month.

SYSA President Larry Sprague said there were two break-ins at the field house recently, with the first occurring last October and the second on April 27. The first robbery resulted in the theft of candies and other concessions stand items.

The Scituate Police Department was contacted in both incidents, and is investigating the robberies.

In the second robbery, thieves took the SYSA’s golf cart after gaining entry to the field house using a crowbar, resulting in significant damage to the exterior door, Sprague said.

The town is paying for the damages to the field house, as it is town property. Sprague said the golf cart is on the SYSA to replace.

“We’re thinking they were probably going to do it again,” he said.

Sprague called the cart a “beloved” addition to the SYSA, as it helped move gear around the field. He said he did not realize how much it helped to lighten the load.

“We didn’t realize how much we used it until it was gone,” Sprague said.

He said the cart helped move nets and bring other items back and forth, as well as to paint lines in the field.

“We are disheartened by the additional physical strain that will now be put on our field coordinator, coaches and referees who no longer have access to the golf cart in order to set up the field for our games,” said Sprague.

The SYSA is looking for donations to replace the cart, which Sprague said should cost about $5,000.

Sprague said the SYSA hopes to continue to give youth a positive soccer experience. He said the group would greatly appreciate donations to help the soccer season run smoothly.

While the SYSA and SPD are not assuming anything when it comes to the perpetrators, Sprague said the thieves also stole a set of keys from the field house. The keys were in a hidden, mostly unknown place, so he said he feels that the robbers must have been somewhat familiar with the field house.

While the locks were changed, Sprague said the SPD, SYSA and its friends are scouring eBay and other consignment pages trying to locate the golf cart. Unfortunately, he said, the cart did not have any identifying markers besides engine work that only the SYSA would recognize.

To donate to the SYSA, send checks or money orders made payable to the Scituate Youth Soccer Association to PO Box 764, Scituate, RI 02857.

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