SCITUATE – Skyscrapers Inc. will host “Cosmic Explosions, from Supernovae to Tidal Disruption Events” on Saturday, Nov. 6, at 7 p.m., at Seagrave Memorial Observatory, 47 Peeptoad Road.

In this talk, astrophysicist Yvette Cendes will discuss how we observe cosmic explosions from Earth and learn about them, from Chinese records thousands of years ago to her modern-day observations as a radio astronomer. This will include her research on supernovae, such as the closest one ever observed to Earth – Supernova 1987A – and outflows from TDEs that “spaghettify” stars that wander too close to black holes.

Cendes is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Astrophysics /Harvard Smithsonian, where she specializes in transient radio astronomy. Cendes has written for several publications, including Astronomy, Discover and Scientific American, and is currently the astronomy consultant for Guinness World Records. Additionally, Cendes is known by many as /u/Andromeda321 on Reddit, where her “astronomer here!” comments are read by millions around the world.

Skyscrapers Inc., the Amateur Astronomical Society of Rhode Island, is a nonprofit organization. For more information visit

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