Smithfield’s Sarah Potenza, right, and her “The Voice” alumni Katie Kadan are teaming up with Smithfield High School graduate Kaitlyn Tarro and the SHS chorus for a nigh of big diva run at the Met in Pawtucket on Oct. 23.

SMITHFIELD — Smithfield’s music artist Sarah Potenza is returning to perform in Rhode Island for the first time in two years with fellow “Voice” contestant Katie Kadan and Smithfield High School graduate Kaitlyn Tarro. They’ll be performing with the Smithfield High School chorus for a night of a “big diva-style show.”

Potenza, 41, a Smithfield native, is known for her big voice and bluesy tunes, which took her to the finals on “The Voice,” then a round of “America’s Got Talent” last summer. She said she loves returning to Rhode Island from her home in Nashville, Tenn.

Potenza said she and Kadan became friends through Instagram in 2017, and she helped the singer join the cast of “The Voice” in 2019. She said Kadan came to Nashville to “hang out and sing some songs together,” and the pair decided then they needed to tour together.

“Here we are, finally able to do some shows,” Potenza said.

Potenza and crew will come to The Met in Pawtucket on Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. She said to expect the performers to pull out all the stops, including multiple costume changes, solos, duets and songs backed by the SHS choir.

“It’s a big, fun diva show. It’s a super fun show,” Potenza.

“Think big voices like Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, songs you know mixed in with our originals,” she said.

Potenza said she always wants to go back to her roots, which is how she met Kaitlyn Tarro a few years back when returning to SHS to sing and talk with students in the Music Department.

She and Tarro hit it off, remaining friends. Potenza said adding the SHS chorus to the show is the icing on the cake for her and a way to give back to the SHS Music Dpartment and a community that did so much for her.

“It’s cool to do this bill that features women. It’s really extra special to me to offer that experience to high schoolers and let them see what it is like to be at a concert and perform,” she said.

SHS will perform “Lean on Me” by Bill Withers, as well as a Potenza original. She said Tarro, Kadan and herself are all “big girls with big voices,” and Potenza feels it is part of her role to build up other women like them. Being able to do it back home “is incredible,” she said.

“It’s nice to give back to a place that was so special to me, and I’m blessed to be in a position to do that,” she said.

Potenza said she is excited to return to Rhode Island to enjoy the food, see her family, and enjoy the interactive crowds the state is known for. Of all the places she tours, Potenza said, Rhode Islanders are some of the most fun.

“I love the hometown crowd. They like to sing along to the songs. They’re some of the few who will yell and talk with you between songs. They want to party with you,” she said. To her, Rhode Islanders are “zesty.”

Tickets are $30 for general admission, and there is a $50 add-on for a meet-and-greet, which comes with merchandise and the opportunity to take a photo with the singers.

Potenza said that though she would like to go out and do the meet-and-greet during the show without an additional cost, musicians are still struggling post-pandemic.

“This stuff has value. It’s worth it,” she said.

Proof of vaccination is required for entry at the Met. Visit www.themetri.com for more.

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