PROVIDENCE – Secretary of State Nellie M. Gorbea honored 137 Rhode Island students at the 2022 Civic Leadership Awards earlier this month. These awards are given annually to recognize high school students who have made outstanding contributions to their schools and communities over the past year.

The Civic Leadership Awards were presented to students during a ceremony at the Rhode Island State House on May 13. The event drew over 300 participants.

“This year’s Civic Leadership Awards are a terrific opportunity to recognize Rhode Island’s young leaders,” said Gorbea. “Their spirit of civic engagement and demonstrated leadership are more proof that the future of our state is bright indeed. Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners and keep up the great work!”

The Civic Leadership Awards are part of Gorbea’s mission to engage and empower Rhode Islanders by connecting them with their government and encouraging civic pride.

Each year, high schools across Rhode Island are invited to nominate two students in the junior class who best meet the ideals of the Civic Leadership Award: public service, leadership ability, and academic achievement. This year, Gorbea received nominations from 70 schools across the state.

  • Beacon Charter High School for the Arts: Kyle Denson, Emily Jalette
  • Mount Saint Charles Academy: Morgan Marcos, Nicholas Rave
  • North Smithfield High School: Mason DiNezza, Brandon Wholey
  • Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center: Charlotte Lewis, Emily Tvaroha
  • Woonsocket High School: Weedney Exavier, Daneisha Rodriguez

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