PAWTUCKET – It was a mixed bag for progressive Democrats in Pawtucket’s General Assembly in Tuesday’s primaries, but Jennifer Stewart provided a bright spot in the House District 59 race, defeating incumbent Rep. Jean Philippe Barros with 52.5 percent of the vote, or 695 votes to 629 votes for Barros.

Community organizer and early childhood development program director Cherie Cruz, who was less inclined to political labels during the campaign, appeared to win a more convincing victory in the four-way House District 58 race than many expected, with 33.2 percent of the total to 29.7 percent for Maribel Echeverry McLaughlin, 28.7 percent for George Hovarth, and 9.2 percent for Matthew Carvalho.

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I like the Breeze, I really do, but I'm very disappointed in the article and your apparent support of a "one party" state. "The favored Republicans were all winning their statewide primaries." Are these Republicans not worthy of being mentioned in their races? What were their vote totals and who did they defeat? The lack of press coverage EQUAL to the press coverage you give democrats is in my opinion shameful for a news organization, and I believe one of the reasons RI is a one party state. It's a shame that journalistic ethics and fairness has taken a backseat to political partisanship.

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