12 Whipple Road

Smithfield’s 0.2-acre lot, which previously housed a water house, will go on the market with a listing price of $25,000.

SMITHFIELD — Smithfield is putting a non-buildable 0.2-acre lot at 12 Whipple Road, which includes an easement for possible water and sewer works, on the market for $25,000.

Town Planner Michael Phillips presented the possible sale to the Town Council during the Nov. 16 meeting, saying a resident approached the town about purchasing the property.

Resident David Conti owns property that abuts the town’s parcel, which previously housed a water pump house, and now wishes to purchase the property to enable a subdivision to build another house at the rear of his property.

According to Phillips, Conti wishes to add frontage or acreage to his existing lot at 14 Whipple Road. Conti approached the Planning Board in 2017 with expansion plans, though he lacked the frontage then, Phillips said.

At the time, Conti presented three possible plans for a subdivision, with the one requiring the least amount of dimensional relief, a 105-foot dimensional variance for frontage, as the best option.

The added acreage would allow Conti to subdivide the lot administratively, Phillips said.

“This will give him the opportunity to merge that lot with ours so he won’t have to go through the subdivision process,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the town was hesitant to sell the property, and said there were concerns about water infrastructure needed for the future use of the property.

“We proposed an easement on the property to give the town the right to install waterworks or sewer in the future,” Phillips said, adding that a portion of the property will essentially be unbuildable.

With the easement, Phillips and the tax assessor priced the property at $25,000. He requested putting the property out to public bid.

“It’s only fair to give others the opportunity to purchase it,” Phillips said.

The Town Council approved sending out a request for proposals for the property, which will allow the public as well as Conti a chance to purchase the parcel.

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