LINCOLN – Set to take the oath of office this week, soon-to-be Lincoln Town Administrator Philip Gould says he’s ready to get to work.

He thanked voters again for their overwhelming support in last Tuesday’s election, saying the results “speak to the trust people have in me to be Lincoln’s next leader.”

“I’m looking forward to making sure that trust is earned, and that I’m performing to their satisfaction,” he added.

The Lincoln Board of Canvassers was scheduled to meet on Sept. 15 to certify the results of the Sept. 7 special election.

Out of a pool of six candidates, Gould unofficially earned roughly 63 percent of the vote. Runner-up Thomas Paolino brought in 18 percent, while the remaining candidates earned about the same as Paolino's percentage as a group.

Gould will officially become Lincoln’s town administrator this Friday afternoon, Sept. 17, when he will take the oath of office. Next Thursday, Sept. 23, there will be a larger swearing-in ceremony held with members of the public at Lincoln Middle School.

Before he’s sworn in, he will be submitting his formal resignation from the Lincoln Police Department after 29 years and one month of service, most recently in the role of administrative captain.

Transitioning out of his police career feels bittersweet, he said.

He has been focused on his campaign for several months, and said he hasn’t had much time to process the fact that he’ll soon be leaving the force.

“It’s been a career that I’ve been very proud of,” he said. “I believe it’s helped prepare me for my new position and laid the groundwork for what I’m going to be doing next. As a member of a police department, the thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the ability to help people and to make a difference in the community.”

By the same token, Gould said he believes he can help the people of Lincoln as their administrator.

Asked about his transition team, Gould said he’s holding off right now from making any big moves. He said he’s met just every person in Town Hall over the years, and he’s looking forward to meeting with various department heads in the near future.

He said he's planning to tackle some of the issues residents have raised in recent months, including crumbling sidewalks and other needed improvements.

“There’s certainly a lot more we can begin looking at as early priorities,” he said.

First, he’ll become acclimated to the inner workings of the town, “rolling up his sleeves.” Since interim administrator and police chief Brian Sullivan was serving in two roles, Gould said employees will also be getting used to having a full-time administrator in the building again.

“I want them to know that I’m here to help with what they need,” he said.

Some matters are more urgent than others, such coordinating next month’s 150th anniversary celebration.

There are finishing touches to be done at Lincoln High School as the administration turns its focus to a new physical education center there. Next week, Gould will hear from residents regarding their priorities for federal COVID-19 relief funds.

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