NORTH PROVIDENCE – The North Providence Purchasing Board last week awarded a bid to Warwick-based AM Electric to replace decorative streetlamps in Centredale and Marieville.

The lights, which have been repeatedly toppled due to car accidents and snowplows, will be replaced for about $6,100 apiece, according to Mayor Charles Lombardi.

The board chose AM Electric over the higher bidder K Electric, also of Warwick.

Purchasing Agent Al Costa noted to Communications Director Ralph Nahigian that the company hired would replace light poles damaged in crashes over the years. When lights are damaged, the town will pursue reimbursement from the operator of the vehicle involved in the crash.

Town officials put the replacement of the lights back out to bid after previously getting submissions from AM Electric and O’Brien Company LLC. AM Electric’s bid was deemed incomplete over the summer.

The $6,100 is substantially lower than the $9,200 that Nahigian was saying the light replacements have ballooned to, but still quite a bit higher than the $4,500 they cost at one time.

According to Nahigian, there are approximately 25 such lights that need to be replaced in Marieville and Centredale as of now.

Lombardi said this week that officials are surveying the current lights and empty light locations now to determine which ones should be fixed or replaced. Most will be replaced, he said, but officials want to avoid putting them back in “chronic problem” spots where they’re routinely toppled.

“We want to make sure we’re not throwing money away,” he said.

The lighting fixtures were originally installed two decades ago as part of a state project that also brought new sidewalks, curbs and street trees. Town grant funds at least partially funded the project, and were turned over to the state.

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It might be a good idea for the town to proactively budget for replacements in the future rather than getting to a point where a major expenditure is necessary to replace so many poles. Also, why does the town not get reimbursement from the insurance companies who cover motorists and/or snow plows destroying them?? The town is responsible and accountable for it getting to this point. It should be made clear to the town employee or department tasked with following up on this that it will not be acceptable going forward.

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