NORTH PROVIDENCE – Plans to finally reconstruct the football field behind North Providence High School, as well as build a new playground near Centredale Elementary School, are making significant progress this month.

Mayor Charles Lombardi said the town has retained David D’Amico, of D’Amico Engineering, for $8,500 to conduct the survey required to put the construction project at the high school out to bid.

Lombardi said he expects the football field work to get started before the end of the calendar year, saying the field will include a track, bleachers and new restroom facilities.

Town officials have been consulting with RAD Sports on the new facility, but RAD, like any other interested company, will have to put its bid in and be selected through proper channels, said the mayor.

This will be an artificial turf field, he said, similar to many of the other fields being put in with the very latest technology by RAD Sports.

“We’re looking forward to it,” he said. “It will be a huge plus for us. It’s got to be addressed.”

An exact cost on the project has not been determined, but Lombardi is seeking some leeway with federal stimulus funds to be able to use some of that money for the project.

Equipment to install the new playground at Centredale Elementary School left the manufacturer on Sept. 9 and is on the way, said Lombardi. That playground, which will be available for anyone who wants to use it, comes with an estimated cost of $100,000.

Lombardi said he expects construction of the playground to be a two-week process and to start as soon as it arrives. O’Brien & Sons is the company doing that work.

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