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Bob Knych as world’s tallest race jockey for the virtual set of “Let’s Make a Deal,” which he won.

PAWTUCKET – Robert from Rhode Island has done it again.

Two years after making history as the likely first big two-time winner of “The Price Is Right,” Bobby Knych has made it a game show trifecta, winning for the first time on “Let’s Make a Deal.”

Knych told The Breeze he tried for “Let’s Make a Deal” after being told he couldn’t come back on “The Price Is Right” for a decade. There was only a one-year wait to come on the other CBS show, he said.

The Pawtucket resident began the paperwork at the beginning of the summer and waited for weeks before hearing back from a producer. A half-hour Zoom call later and that producer told him he was in his corner, and two months after that, he got a call back from the main producer telling him he had an audition. It didn’t take long at all to hear that he was in.

With COVID-19, tapings were done from Knych’s office, with the contestant participating virtually.

Knych isn’t allowed to say what he won or exactly how well he did, but viewers can find out when his episode airs at 10 a.m. on Sept. 22.

“No one’s ever done this,” he said of his remarkable run on daytime game show TV. “It’s unheard of.”

The owner of Gem Paving and Sealcoating in Pawtucket, Knych also races thoroughbred horses. He won on “The Price Is Right” in 2006 and 2019, going on the second time after the allowable window to be featured was reduced from 15 years to 10 years.

“I might be the top winner,” he said of his latest appearance.

He participated again in theme, dressed as a race jockey with a helmet and goggles. He stuck with that theme throughout, issuing a gambler’s “letting it ride” to announce his intentions as he played.

How does he do it?

“I honestly believe I know how to talk to these producers,” he says. “I take them right out of their game, I bring them on a journey.”

While many audition seekers talk about what they do for work or how they help children, or discuss how they watch the show, Knych said he knows that the producers are hearing those same types of stories hundreds of times each day.

“They come into my world. I scoop them up, put them on a carpet ride, and off we go,” he said.

That journey includes his racehorses, the motorcycle fundraisers he helps run for military members, including the upcoming Boston Wounded Vet Run to benefit the five most disabled veterans in New England, and his work with Gem Paving.

“At the end of the day when they’ve interviewed 700 people, they don’t forget me,” he said.

The current version of “Let’s Make a Deal” is based on the classic TV show of the 1960s. Hosted by comic/singer/actor Wayne Brady, the show has contestants, often dressed in a variety of original costumes, competing for money and prizes by striking wacky deals.

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