WOONSOCKET – According to Helena Brunelle Bowen, her brother Mark Brunelle was always up for anything. In addition to being an avid New England sports fan, he was a loving family man. His outfit was always red white and blue, and he almost always wore Bruins or Patriots gear. She said her brother barely ever drank, and only started smoking marijuana to cope with the loss of his son who had committed suicide.

“Sometimes he was the only one with a water bottle in hand at a party,” said Brunelle Bowen. At the time Brunelle, 59, disappeared in February of 2021, he was working long hours as a construction worker.

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Living In RI again

I remember when Mark was reported missing and am so sorry for the loss the family has experienced. Isn't the fracture of the hyoid bone often associated with strangulation injuries? It sounds like there is much more to this story.


There was an active camera three spots over from Marks spot that was controlled by an app. When our family’s PI asked the owner of the camera to show the footage he said “that day was cancelled after 2pm because it was slowing his phone down”. We know ftom phone records Marked pulled into storage at 3:00 pm that day. That persons camera app footage has never been checked by the police despite numerous request to get warrants for the camera company who owns the app. This was the only day that the neighbor had deleted footage the previous and post days were all still available for our PI to watch


First I would like to thank Bella from the Valley Breeze for bringing my brother's story to life again. Our family is still so broken from the loss and the not knowing.

I know my brother's mental health always seems to be at the forefront. But I can tell you with certainty that he was strong minded. He was able to work through so many life experiences starting from when he was a little boy. Yes, he was sad at times. He lost his only son in a tragic way. Anyone who has children would feel that sadness, helplessness and even maybe guilt. He never indicated that he would take his life. He loved life. He loved living. He was planning his future. There were too many things left undone. I know in my heart of hearts he did not kill himself. Plus there is no evidence showing he did. How do you do that and end up in the river after you die. Remember he had no water in his lungs.

The problems that occured when he went missing is all the police departments involved. Bellingham, MA, Woonsocket, RI and Blackstone, MA were involved in the beginning. And after reading the Woonsocket Police report it is clear they didn't have all the information. That in its self is an issue. Once he was found we added two more police departments, Uxbridge, MA and MA State Police. Currently the MA State Police have the case. According to the Trooper in charge, the case is still open but the investigation is not active. MA state police has never interviewed the family.

If I sound frustrated, I am. I have contacted so many departments with no response what so ever. I don't understand. My brother deserves better than this.

Please if you have any information please message me on facebook or contact the Police.

I thank you all for your support and love during this time.

Helena Brunelle Bowen

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