WOONSOCKET – Garrett Mancieri, a real estate broker and former city councilor, was named as the secretive King Jace in a Friday night ceremony. Part of the upcoming city Mardi Gras sponsored by The Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts, which takes place Feb. 23, King Jace has been around town disguised for the past few weeks.

King Jace’s final stop in anonymity was the Woonsocket Mardi Gras’ Queen Coronation Event held at Savini’s Pomodoro Restaurant where he crowned Geraldine Barclay-King as Second Princess, Nancy Sylvestre as First Princess, and Ann Jalette as Queen of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras. With the Royal Court in place, "Queen Ann’s" first duty was to unmask King Jace before the large crowd of onlookers.

“I am very excited and honored to be selected as King Jace for the 25th Anniversary of Mardi Gras," Mancieri said when the beard, mustache, and wig were removed. “I fully believe that the arts community is an economic driver for the city, especially for a downtown area which showcases the wonderful history of the city.” The commercial realtor of 11 years added, “I hope to see you all at the Mardi Gras Ball at St. Ann’s Arts & Cultural Center on Saturday the 23rd!”

Both Mancieri, in his King’s robes but not in his disguise, and "Queen Ann" Jalette will reign over the Woonsocket Mardi Gras Ball with the two princesses and will also ride as featured guests in the 2019 Autumnfest Parade this fall.

Tickets for the Feb. 23 Mardi Gras Ball are still available by calling Lorraine Cloutier at 401-762-9072.

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