MILLVILLE, Mass. – Ronald Landry, the former chief of the Millville Police Department as well as its Fire Department and Emergency Management Agency, has officially retired amid an investigation into his behavior during a traffic stop in Woonsocket last month.

The Millville Board of Selectmen announced the retirement following a closed meeting with Landry and his attorney last Wednesday, Oct. 6. Board Chairwoman Jennifer Gill said Landry retired all three posts as of last Friday, Oct. 8.

Landry, a former Woonsocket officer who has served as Millville police chief since 2007, had been placed on administrative leave amid an inquiry into a traffic stop that took place in Woonsocket on Sept. 11. During the incident, Woonsocket Patrol Officer Logan Courtemanche pulled Landry over for allegedly speeding on Sweet and Cass avenues in the early hours of the morning. In the subsequent police report, Courtemanche estimated Landry was driving at least 60 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Courtemanche, who was initially unaware of Landry’s identity, wrote that the senior officer swore at him and refused to roll down his rear windows when asked, instead lecturing him about his time working for the city. The report also details how Landry allegedly grabbed his license from Courtemanche’s hand before the younger officer was done speaking with him and sped away, running a red light and nearly running over Courtemanche’s foot in the process.

Though Landry’s attorney, Ernest Horn, disputes this version of events, the incident led to an inquiry by the Board of Selectmen. The board held three closed-door meetings before announcing the result last week.

Board members offered little comment during the meeting except to announce Landry’s successors. Sgt. William Coupe Jr. will serve as acting police chief, and Lt. Steven Furno will serve as acting fire chief and EMA director.

Gill did not return a request for comment.

Horn told The Breeze on Friday that Landry has had a “distinguished career with the town” and he is grateful for his relationship with the board over the years. While the terms of his contract officially consider the early retirement a resignation, Horn said the move was voluntary.

“I think that the board and him had worked together amicably to resolve whatever issues there might be. There’s no issues between the parties,” he said. “This was a voluntarily retirement, and he appreciates the support he’s had of the board over the years.”

Landry, who began his career with the Woonsocket Police Department in 1984, previously faced discipline following a run-in with the Uxbridge Police Department. In 2020, an Uxbridge police officer detained Landry and threatened to taser him after he became heated in a dispute over an antique vehicle.

The traffic stop has also led to questions in Woonsocket, where City Councilor John Ward questioned Public Safety Director Eugene Jalette last month about the level of discretion officers have during traffic stops. Courtemanche wrote in his report that he apologized to Landry and did not issue him a ticket, realizing during the stop that he had pulled over another police officer.

Woonsocket Deputy Chief Michael Lemoine said last week that he and Chief Thomas Oates continue to stand by their officers and Courtemanche’s report. The department did not have any further comment on Landry’s retirement.

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The law should be applied to EVERYONE equally and fairly ...Neither Cops , politicians, or ANYONE should receive special treatment (NO EXCEPTIONS )!!! He should have been cited for speeding and reckless driving the night of the incident... We have too much special treatment happening in Woonsocket and I think everyone would like to see it stopped ...

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