CUMBERLAND – Bi-weekly curbside collection of yard waste in Cumberland will end on Oct. 1, resuming on a weekly basis beginning Oct. 12 for the fall collection season.

Residents are reminded that this first week of resumed weekly yard waste collection is a trash holiday week during which all trash, recycling, and yard waste will be collected Tuesday, Oct. 12, through Saturday, Oct. 16. The townwide weekly collection of yard waste during the fall season will continue until Dec. 17.

Yard waste is defined as grass clippings, leaves, vegetation, and small branches. No trash, stones, or sand can be mixed in with your yard waste. Bags found with these unacceptable materials or other debris and refuse will not be collected.

Residents are reminded that yard waste is collected on the same day as trash and recycling, but with a separate collection truck. Yard waste is only accepted if placed in brown paper biodegradable lawn bags, or small bundles of branches, no larger than 2 inches in diameter, and limited to 3 feet in length. Yard waste that is placed in plastic bags will not be collected.

Residents will also be able to drop off yard waste at the Pascale Highway Facility at 17 Old Mendon Road. Yard waste will be accepted Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Yard waste can’t be delivered to this facility on those Mondays or other days that are scheduled town holidays.

Information pertaining to the disposal of yard waste and other materials is also available at or by contacting the Public Works Department at 401-728-2400, ext. 155 or ext. 125.

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