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A rendering of the new gas station across the street from Lowe’s on Mineral Spring Avenue.

NORTH PROVIDENCE – A new Sam’s Food Mart and Gulf gas station are coming to 1700 Mineral Spring Ave. after the Zoning Board last week granted approvals for the project.

Representatives for the developers are calling this an exciting redevelopment that will brighten and spruce up an active intersection in town and the corridor to the new public safety complex and Stephen Olney Elementary School.

The Zoning Board, on Sept. 16, approved a 16-foot side variance and 16-foot rear variance.

“It’s going to clean up that area pretty good,” said Zoning Official Mike Carnevale, including three tenement houses and a strip of old stores being torn down. “They’re going to redesign that whole lot.”

The preliminary plan from developer Tom Bialek was previously approved by the Planning Department, he said.

The new gas station and convenience store, replacing the existing hodge-podge of buildings and an existing convenience store with closed gas pumps, will be further away from Mineral Spring Avenue, he said.

“They’ll use that whole corner lot,” he said.

The small road going through the property is not a public roadway and will be removed as part of the project, he said. There will be an exit onto Mineral Spring Avenue, an entrance and exit onto Douglas Avenue, and an entrance on Barrett Avenue, he said, “set up a lot better for safety.”

The existing tailor shop on the property will be moved into the new main building, said Carnevale, with lots more parking around the whole structure.

Also at the Sept. 16 meeting, the board approved an application for a 725-foot lot area variance for a home at 0 Prospect Street, meaning the board made an allowance after the developer, Michael Charbatji, was short by 725 feet over two lots. Essentially this means that a new single-family home will be coming to the street, said Carnevale.

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