TOM WARD - July 7 is not the date for an important election

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I have to agree with a letter sent to us by Dan Halloran, a former North Smithfield Town Council president. A July 7 special election to change the Town Charter - and town government - in a dramatic... more

ARLENE VIOLET - Let the school testing games end!

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My late sister was a member of a teachers' union as well as a representative for the unit of school psychologists. After her death I was handling her estate, so all the mail came to me, including the... more

Letters to the Editor

Charter change vote on July 7 terrible idea

The Town Council of North Smithfield will hold a special election on July 7 in order to fill the seat on the Town Council vacated by the passing of Mr. Ernie Alter. In addition to the council vacancy... more

Monastery land important, but not untouchable

It seems that once again the Monastery property is back in the news as a potential site for the proposed safety complex site. And, once again those who oppose using any portion of this 527 acres is... more

Will anyone push back 'a little' against Common Core, PARCC?

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." ~ Edmund Burke The above quote is part of the email signature line of Smithfield School Committee Chairman... more

Let's not pass around Purple Heart plates

Why is the Rhode Island state Senate studying the feasibility of reducing the stature of a Purple Heart vanity license plate? Perhaps they are unaware of its history, distinction and sanctity within... more

Think about the future of the town

Fellow Cumberland residents: Please don't take 6 to 10 acres of the so-called monastery property for the new police/rescue headquarters. Let's think of the future needs of our town over the next 50-... more