TOM WARD – Finally, we will re-think Diamond Hill Park

Last Thursday, I was in Pawtucket celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Pawtucket Rotary Club. It was a landmark event for a landmark group who has been providing “Service Above Self” to the... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Of course it’s all politics!

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When I was running for public office I remember some of my supporters being angry with the incumbent because he (or more usually, his retainers) would criticize me. Taking umbrage they would protest... more

Letters to the Editor

Wheeler: Where is the outrage for SAT scores?

I’m writing to express concern about the SAT scores released by the R.I. Department of Education this past week. It’s troubling that more isn’t being reported on the subject. Providence has earned a... more

It’s for bathrooms, and it’s a good deal

In regards to Mike Davis’s letter to the editor titled “Who is in charge” I feel it is necessary to clear up a lot of misinformation. Unfortunately this misinformation is not the result of confusion... more

An elder person’s perspective of today’s politics

Wow! In plain English: What is happening to America? Many people speak of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Well, this mental disease truly exists, as proven by the demented attacks which continue to... more

Thank you for a successful Coffee Drive

Our 6th annual Coffee Drive to benefit Sanctuary Men’s Shelter at Harvest Community Church was an overwhelming success. The drive was held at WNRI radio station on Diamond Hill Road, which co-... more

Wait times at Department of Human Services

My daughter recently had to call the R.I. Department of Human Services to check on the status of her daycare assistance and was placed on hold for over an hour. This is unacceptable and should not be... more

What’s your hurry? Hell can wait!

Tom Ward’s comments about speeding problems (Opinions, Valley Breeze, Oct. 3) reminded me of my father’s advice. In Chicago 50 years ago, dad was my first driving teacher. He said the police never... more

Thank you, Lucille Martin

Thank you, Lucille Martin, for all your years of service to this community, especially your stewardship of the natural environment. You were one of the first to warn of invasive species infesting... more

Mills: Seeking smooth pavement

I have a sunroof in my car and I am tempted to drive Diamond Hill Road’s newly paved section with my kids sticking their heads out of it spotting the sunken manhole covers – you know – like sailors... more

Bethel: No urgency for post office project

Albion is a ghost town! It’s a village divided. We have no economy here. It’s been over two and a half years since that cold wintery night when the historical post office burned to the ground. I... more