ETHAN SHOREY – I’m grateful for the lessons

One of the most important truths I’ve learned in this life is that being thankful doesn’t mean ignoring the negatives or glossing over them. Sometimes it’s about gratitude for what I can learn... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Presidential election explodes myths

Joseph Biden, president-elect, has frequently talked about unity and healing. His “Kumbaya” moments are merely wishful thinking. Despite a history of citizens eventually rallying around a president,... more

Letters to the Editor

Fredrikson: Keep Twin River name

I am not in favor of Twin River changing their name to Bally’s, which sounds like it belongs in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, not in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Jim Fredrikson Lincoln

Lyle: Join me in supporting fire district merger

Kudos to the Saylesville fire wardens and the Albion fire commissioners for crafting a responsible and forward-thinking proposal that would result in the merger of the two fire departments. Not only... more

Cervone: Frustration turning into road rage?

Perhaps as our governor issues these next draconian rules she should attempt to witness the anger and frustration they are causing. All she would have to do would be to take a ride on one of our many... more

Aiello: Tikoian deserves leadership role

Congratulations to David Tikoian on being elected to the Smithfield Town Council. He has one of the most impressive resumes in terms of leadership skills, fiscal management, and community involvement... more

Tikoian lists reasons for seeking council presidency

In the recent weeks after the Nov. 3 election there has been some interest around town regarding the election of a Town Council president. Recently, when asked by a reporter if I would seek the Town... more

Alba has earned her spot as council president

Regarding the article in the Nov. 12 Valley Breeze, “Tikoian takes aim at council presidency”: I am happy for Mr. Tikoian’s success in our election for Smithfield Town Council. But I think Mr.... more

Tatro: Municipal class

Earlier this month, I and several others had the opportunity, challenge, and unique experience, once again, to serve our community as an election poll worker either as a clerk, supervisor, moderator... more

Osier thanks residents of North Smithfield

Dear North Smithfield: I have truly enjoyed serving as one of your town councilors. While I still have a few more days left in my term, I find myself reflecting on the past two years. I want to take... more

McGreevy: Networks were right to cut away from Trump speech

I disagree with Dan York’s opinion that the TV networks made a “terrible decision” and had “lost their minds” in pulling out of the President’s speech. Mr. Trump is a master of the PR world. Give a... more

You can believe in the voting process

There has been a lot of talk about the security and fairness of our voting system, so I decided back in March to get involved with the Cumberland Board of Canvassers and to get trained to work the... more