DAN YORKE – T.F. Green name debate shows just how provincial we are

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I remember it like yesterday. About 35 years ago, I was living and working in western Massachusetts and had just started dating my wife. We were attending her family’s annual summer reunion. I was... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Self-inflicted wounds by some educators

Why is it that some educational leaders seem hell-bent on casting such a noble profession in such a poor light? First, we had the spectacle of the union honchos in the National Education Association... more

Letters to the Editor

Business community joins together to respond to overreaching legislation

Climate change is important to all Rhode Islanders, and the business community supports efforts to reduce emissions. As a business community, we are committed to do our share to improve the climate... more

Rhode Islanders want climate action with accountability

What a difference a few years makes! During the Trump administration, the U.S. pulled out of the international climate agreement, EPA scientists were gagged from even speaking about climate change,... more

Church: ‘Hope’ can be more than our state motto

Proposed legislation H 5572 is titled a “Compassionate Care Act,” but it is anything but compassionate. A means of permitting the practice of physician assisted suicide in R.I., the act permits our... more

Brien: 'People of Woonsocket continue to suffer'

On March 10, I appeared in Woonsocket Municipal Court to dispute an alleged “parking violation” for which I received a ticket. Municipal Court was not held in Harris Hall, but instead was held in the... more

Transparency, open communication essential to good governance

The Lincoln Democratic Town committee notes with dismay the process behind the appointment of Police Chief Brian Sullivan as acting town administrator. In Lincoln’s council-manager form of government... more

Mericle: What will future historians think of us?

I read with deep dismay of the Lincoln Town Council’s resolution to oppose the state’s proposed gun control legislation. As a professional historian, I often wonder what future historians will think... more