DAN YORKE – We see empty stadiums and a shift in stance

Gorgeous venues are empty on our television screens this week as we tune in to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The impact on the competition likely varies with each event, but it has to be a bummer and a... more

ARLENE VIOLET – And then there was ... one

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Regular readers of this column may be aware that I represent pro bono (no legal fee) the elderly retirees who had worked at St. Joseph’s and/or Fatima Hospital before St. Joseph’s closed and Fatima... more

Letters to the Editor

Finnegan: Rockland Oaks residents deserve better

On July 14, Scituate Housing Authority’s Rockland Oaks experienced a loss of well water to its 24-unit mainly elderly complex. This is not surprising since a Dec. 24, 2018, independent report from... more

LHS student/athletic center is needed now

Due to unforeseen fiscal challenges with the LHS renovation, the expansion of the main gymnasium was eliminated early in the project, as was the North Gym which had been used extensively by students... more

Preserve open space on Route 116

To the Lincoln Technical Review Committee, Planning Board, and Zoning Board Members: I love the green, open spaces in Lincoln. It’s why people move here. There is a welcome serenity in the trees and... more