DAN YORKE – On race in schools, we need transparent discussion

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It’s popping up across the country and right here in Rhode Island, and it’s likely to come to your town soon. Three school districts have received demands from local taxpayers through massive APRA (... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Some are more equal than others

Nothing strikes me as more inimical to the values of the United States than examples of privilege extended to a class of people which are not enjoyed by others. Take, the ProPublica report in early... more

Letters to the Editor

Dennis: Dog attack case handled well

Decision to euthanize “Lucy” Catanzaro: As a veterinarian, I was very impressed by the professional way in which this whole ordeal was handled by the town of North Providence. The panel made the most... more

Pliskin: Really caring for children and families

These days we struggle to agree how to deal with critical issues, including a pandemic, changing climate, and the outcome of elections. Are there some bedrock values where, perhaps, we can come... more

Does aerial spraying do more harm than good?

Fellow Rhode Islanders, I am writing to see if you share my anxiety and concerns over the aerial spraying of Sumithrin, Anvil 10+10, Piperonyl butoxide and other poisons – an annual event in Rhode... more

Demers: How anger and hatred are affecting our society

What is happening to our society that it's become so out of touch with the “truth,” and filled with so much “anger and hatred?” The following information may provide some satisfactory answers to this... more

Newly opened City Hall?

I have experienced the newly opened Woonsocket City Hall. It is about as open to visitors as the ACI. John F. Ward Woonsocket City Council