DAN YORKE – Maybe we go a step further with vaccines

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Last week, 33 legislators signed a letter written to Gov. Dan McKee essentially asking him to fold on the Oct. 1 vaccine mandate for health care workers. They suggested that none of the “heroes” who... more

ETHAN SHOREY – Introducing our three new columnists

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Last week I announced that we would soon be welcoming three new voices to these opinion pages. For those who’ve tried to cajole the names out of me in the days since, I hope the wait wasn’t too... more

Letters to the Editor

Taking a stand for housing justice

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected the CDC’s eviction moratorium, and now 40,000 Rhode Islanders are at risk for eviction this winter. Rhode Island has $350 million to support rent relief programs... more

Saccoccio: Plans should include field hockey markings

I read with interest Jacquelyn Moorehead’s article on the plans for the athletic complex at Smithfield High School in the Sept. 9-15 edition of The Valley Breeze & Observer. As a longtime field... more

Movement transforms the mental health of our children

Nothing is more important than making sure our kids stay engaged, safe, and healthy this summer. It’s critical we remember their health goes far beyond just physical. But for families who have... more

Looking for peace

With heavy hearts we see 20 years of lost lives and diverted funds based on the fiction that military force could solve the attack on the World Trade Center. Military force failed the USA in Vietnam... more

Kaczorowski: 1999 sidewalk plan was never implemented

I read the article in The Valley Breeze last week about the saga of Councilwoman O’Hara and the condition of the sidewalks on Smithfield Road and the problems the residents living on Smithfield Road... more

Abram: Is the Disney interruption at Chase Farm worth it?

As a Lincoln resident who makes frequent use of Chase Farm Park, I am deeply troubled by the news that the town of Lincoln will be cooperating with Disney to facilitate the production of a film there... more