DAN YORKE – Now entering a vicious cycle on policing

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Derek Chauvin put his hands behind his back and stoically walked out the back door of the courtroom. At this poignant moment, when normal hearts glued to the television around the world wanted to... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Congressional Republicans had a point

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While I oppose some Congressional Republicans’ posture on certain issues, they were prescient about one thing, i.e., the unintended consequences of extending and paying unemployment benefits which... more

Letters to the Editor

Cullen: FTM is an exercise in futility

2012 flashback, nine years ago town of Lincoln officials mailed thousands of postcards at taxpayer expense to invite Lincoln voters to attend the annual FTM, yet only less than 1 percent attended,... more

The wrong person resigned

Unfortunately, the wrong person resigned. Mr. John Picozzi’s personal attacks on Mr. Bill McManus, as stated in last week’s Valley Breeze, were unprofessional. Mr. McManus, a member of the school... more

Picozzi: My comments were appropriate and justified

I would be remiss if I didn’t counter to former School Committee member William J. McManus’s allegations toward me in last week’s Valley Breeze stating I bullied him. I do not have relationships or... more

Ricci: It’s OK to agree to disagree

The article of 4/21/21 “McManus resigns over alleged bullying” poses a few questions and even if unintended, shows a bit of a pattern on McManus’ part. First, what was the purpose of the “photo book... more

O’Neill: A new baby brings joy and hope

These days I find myself searching high and low for little snippets of good news. In today’s news cycle, uplifting stories are few and far between but today a glimmer of hope appeared. A small gift... more

Thoman: Personal medical information should be protected

The April 15 opinion piece titled “Non-vaccinated people should not have discrimination protection” is exactly that ... opinion! The views expressed are not scientific or medical facts. Rather, the... more

Changes need to be made

I am writing this letter to inform parents of a bill that is in the R.I. House, H5833 and in the Senate S0454, which has been sponsored by Rep. Lauren Carson and Sen. Melissa Murray to establish an... more

Don’t be scammed

During the month of April, members of the Lincoln Police Department offered classes on elder fraud protection and how to avoid scams. After learning about all the different scams out there, I now... more

Cox: Our community is weaker without McManus

Any resident of Lincoln who has lived here more than a few months knows the name of Bill McManus. He has volunteered on virtually every committee and board whose purpose was to improve the quality of... more

To benefit from the new energy economy, we must first rescue Rhode Island

Our state government has an affirmative duty to ensure that Rhode Islanders have clean air and water, but in my neighborhood, that has been far from the case. While industries like offshore wind... more

Douglas: ‘Passing these laws will not restrict any person intent on causing harm’

I am writing as a strong defender of firearms rights and as someone who wants gun violence reduced. It can be done. The gun control bills currently at the Rhode Island Statehouse will not reduce the... more