DAN YORKE – Chiefs take bold stand with Twenty for 2020

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“We did this event and (previously) we told some stakeholders about it. But let me tell you who we didn’t tell. We didn’t tell politicians because we didn’t want (the message) to be clouded. We... more

ARLENE VIOLET – Racism is not always blatant

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I, for one, am glad to see that the governor is removing “Providence Plantations” from state stationery, paychecks, etc. Yes, I am aware that its initial history had nothing to do with slavery, but... more

Letters to the Editor

Verity: Council has big role in decision making

Regarding the article in The Observer on June 18, “Commission proposes elected administrator, no FTM,” Mr. Costantino repeats again and again, “We’re putting it up to the voters to decide ...” It is... more

Torvi: Silence is also a response

With new and established candidates lining up for the fall elections in North Smithfield, I write to question what responsibility our elected or appointed town officials feel they must have toward... more

Meaningful Providence belongs in state name

The elimination of the word “plantations” from the official name of the state tersely known as Rhode Island has been randomly suggested. Respect for those in the community whose ancestors had been... more

Why are vehicles registered in Massachusetts?

I have lived in Rhode Island all my life and paid my taxes. Why are people living in R.I. and keeping their vehicles registered in Massachusetts? I can’t get an answer. I went to the City Hall and... more

Senior lives do count in R.I.

(Letter is a response to Berge: Do senior lives count in R.I.? published June 18, Valley Breeze) Thank you, Mr. Berge, for the motivation to tackle my summer work. Like many, I have a family member... more

All police should not be judged on the actions of some

We stand firmly on the side of our law enforcement officers and department, the thin blue line between civilized society and anarchy. Police do not make laws, those are made by common consent... more

Barden: What is the benefit of returning Blackstone Valley Prep funding?

As a Blackstone Valley Prep parent and Pawtucket taxpayer I have been frustrated and confused by the backlash against my children’s school for accepting federal payroll protection funding. I am... more

Resident petitions for safe opening of town pool

As the state works to safely reopen services, business and recreational facilities, I was looking forward to the eventual reopening of the town pool. I am a longtime town resident and pool user. It... more

Ferri: Proudly display the American flag July 4 and year round

The Fourth of July ushered in the beginning of this great nation, America. It is perhaps the most important date of the calendar year. Our flag is America’s most important symbol. It stands for so... more