TOM WARD - There is no end in R.I. to government's thirst

Here we go again. Unintended consequences. It's what always happens when politicians - principally Democrats playing Santa Claus - try to win votes by buying them with other people's money. The... more

ARLENE VIOLET - No shame with Fallela, master lever

How crooked can you get? * Henry A. Fellela Jr., spouse of a Johnston state legislator, should have the book thrown at him. He finally admitted in the face of overwhelming evidence that he had... more

Letters to the Editor

Smithfield needs solid plan for future business growth

Smithfield residents and town officials will come together to discuss a new Comprehensive Community Plan in the forthcoming weeks. Let's hope that this process is unhurried and all stakeholders have... more

North Smithfield voters best served by 'un-bundled' bond issues

North Smithfield's Town Council did a great disservice to townspeople by bundling the various and diverse town-facility improvement proposals into a $12 million bond-issue package, thus presenting it... more

Questions remain in Ambulance and Rescue Corps probe

In a follow-up to the article (see "Town Council asking questions about Scituate volunteer ambulance," 2/5/14) David M. D'Agostino, continues to craft a narrative that is obfuscatory at best or just... more

Azar: Lincoln Town Council wrong on casino hotel

Build it and they will come. The Lincoln casino should be allowed, contrary to the recent vote of the Town Council, to build a "State of the Art" hotel at Twin River, if it wants to. This is an... more

Master lever 'further study' sincere

As someone who ran for office to serve the people of Pawtucket and the people of Rhode Island, I want to clarify my position on the master lever: I personally believe we should abolish the master... more

Far-off site has Tolman prom in jeopardy

Tolman High School is having its senior prom at Gillettte Stadium on May 16. Now I find out that they might not even have their prom because so few tickets were sold. Why so little? The venue is so... more

Library thanks trust of Joseph S. Beck for generous donation

The Cumberland Library Fund has received a generous donation from the Joseph S. Beck Trust. Mr. Beck, who passed away in July 2013, was a teacher and guidance counselor for Cumberland High School for... more