DAN YORKE – We should listen to each other more

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In the last few weeks I count a half dozen conversations that all more or less start and stop the same way. Sunday in the golf course parking lot after a round shooting the breeze with a new... more

ARLENE VIOLET – White House, GOP Senate disgrace themselves

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Being down on your luck isn’t synonymous with “less than,” something the White House and the GOP Senate seem to have confused. How else would somebody conclude otherwise when they study the recent... more

Letters to the Editor

Delay school opening until January

As a parent of a soon-to-be 11th-grader at the North Providence High School, I am very torn about the governor’s plan to reopen schools on Aug. 31, as I’m sure many parents are. My son has a learning... more

Hawkins apologizes for comments

Dear honorable members of the Smithfield Town Council, Town Manager Rossi, members of the Charter Commission and members of the general public: After taking a few days to process my thoughts and... more

Williams: Mistake shouldn’t define you

When is enough enough? Bill Hawkins had an angry moment – dear lord we all have had those. Again it was a mistake, folks. He was on his cell phone actively participating in a very tedious, long,... more

A bus shelter shouldn’t be a home: Focus on housing all residents

On June 24, The Valley Breeze published an article titled “Officials’ task: Stop Valley Falls bus shelter from being a home.” As members of the House of Hope’s outreach team, which connects with... more

Pearson, Ackerman, Marszalkowski support Kane

As members of the General Assembly delegation representing Cumberland, we believe there is a clear choice for the Town Council District 2 race – Tom Kane. The upcoming term of office for any public... more

Gagnon: Stay strong, Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus, It is past time that we stand up for what we believe. How about publishing the names of the organizations and/or companies that refused to assist you this year because of your... more