I would like to take note of the Lincoln Town Council’s unambiguous support of Second Amendment rights.

In March of this year, the council passed a resolution opposing gun control measures pending before the state legislature. Certainly, voters are well served when local officials are transparent about their positions regarding national issues, most especially when they can have profound consequences at the local level.

Sadly, the national debate surrounding gun control legislation versus Second Amendment Rights continues to be a constant source of contention and polarization.

I would respectfully ask the members of the Town Council to endorse the studies being made by the CDC under the direction of Dr. Rochelle Walensky. In an interview with CNN, she said that much of the CDC’s research will be engaged in understanding the root causes of gun violence. In restarting gun violence research, Walensky said she wants the CDC to find common ground with gun owners. (Search “CDC speaks out” for the complete interview.)

Your support for these studies would offer voters on both sides of the debate a more measured and less politicized approach to fact finding and the public space needed to produce meaningful improvements to the nation’s epidemic of gun violence.

I fully understand that such a resolution will prove unpopular with many of your constituents. I believe that Dr. Walensky is correct, and a more thorough evaluation of the circumstances preceding the actual discharge of a firearm would save lives and bring about policies that are more reliant on health and safety interventions than legislative initiatives.

You would be endorsing the idea of the need for resumption of these studies while still reserving your considered judgments on the results.

The public is better served when we engage each other in open minded and civil discourse focused on saving lives instead of scoring points.

I think that there are many Lincoln residents that would appreciate the council’s leadership in this endeavor.

David Applebaum


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John Flynn

I agree. Good letter.

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