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It’s hard to imagine anywhere on Broad Street in Cumberland where a roundabout would make sense to calm traffic, or that there would be space for one on a busy stretch of Route 44 in Greenville where space is also at a premium, but if the success of such traffic circles elsewhere is any indi… MoreShorey: Roundabouts are working

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My friend Amy is fighting cancer, again. It’s lung cancer and before you wonder if she is a smoker, no, she doesn’t smoke (not that it should matter). In fact, she’s one of those super healthy people who never even smoked one cigarette. I certainly cannot say the same. But she is now, for th… MoreSanzi: Staring down the bear, again

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My parents always taught us to be gracious in victory as well as in defeat. One event that should be a source of gratitude to others and respect for a vanquished opponent is a stunning victory in a close election. Yet, Gov. Dan McKee showed an amazing lack of grace when candidate Helena Buon… MoreViolet: McKee shows another side

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During the first week of August, I attended a press conference at Providence City Hall to witness the announcement of the Immigration Legal Assistance and COVID-19 Recovery Program. In partnership with Dorcas International, the program will provide free legal assistance related to the federa… MoreBetancur: Do we value immigrants?

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Last month I wrote an article that was in part a reaction to the series of horrific mass shootings in New York, Oklahoma and Texas. I also wrote about a conversation I had with a young man who said, “It’s crazy out there, be safe and arm yourself.” MorePitts-Wiley: Hold onto joy