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Do you suddenly feel pressured to leave a tip everywhere you go and for almost everything you buy? Are you unsure, frazzled even, after running in to buy a cup of coffee and being prompted by a screen to choose how much of a tip you want to leave?


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During the first week of August, I attended a press conference at Providence City Hall to witness the announcement of the Immigration Legal Assistance and COVID-19 Recovery Program. In partnership with Dorcas International, the program will provide free legal assistance related to the federa… MoreBetancur: Do we value immigrants?

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Last month I wrote an article that was in part a reaction to the series of horrific mass shootings in New York, Oklahoma and Texas. I also wrote about a conversation I had with a young man who said, “It’s crazy out there, be safe and arm yourself.” MorePitts-Wiley: Hold onto joy

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When my good friend Elyse Major and I agreed to become co-presidents of the Rhode Island Press Association last year, we had a goal to help create a more vibrant organization that makes a significant difference in our state. MoreShorey: Happy to serve

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Growing up as a kid with multiple children in the family, and later as a teen when a bunch of my buddies were piling into the car, you had to remember to make the claim early to secure the front passenger seat in the car. Have a mental breakdown and someone else would call it, and you’d be s… MoreYorke: I call shotgun!