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A recent poll had an approval rating of 52 percent vs. 43 percent who disagreed over the job that President Joe Biden is doing. While down from an approval score of 63 percent in May 2021, Mr. Biden, nonetheless, is besting the rating of his predecessor, Donald Trump, whose highest rating was at 47 percent, in October 2018.

I wondered if the mood of the country has shifted. Certainly, it is noticeable that there is less acrimony emanating from the White House. During the Trump presidency up to the present, once loyal colleagues of the then-president, staffers, and generals were daily dissed. The most recent attack made by the ex-president was aimed at the top U.S. general i.e., Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley. Ex-President Trump referred to him as a better politician than a general. By contrast, Mr. Biden has not tied anyone in his administration to the tracks as a train rumbles down.

I welcome the change. In order to gauge using one example of just how deep uncivil discourse is in the country now and who is behind its stoking, I checked my email. I read differing points of views. Whether it is the Huffington Post which leans left to Newsmax which leans right, plus other media, I think these news sources must sell their reader lists since I am daily inundated with emails from politicians presently in office or wanna-be’s looking for campaign cash. The content is striking since Republicans are the ones demonizing the other party. Some examples I received just today:

“Hi, Patriot, I’m Walt Blackman … and I’m running for Congress in Arizona 1st Congressional District. They’re openly indoctrinating our children.” He goes on to describe teachers only teaching the bad in American history, never the good, that it is like Marxism, and teaches kids anti-American propaganda.

Larry Elder – “ I can’t watch Gavin Newsom (present governor) destroy the state or let the Democrats continue their assault on middle and working class Californians.” – which is why he says he is running for governor. He ends with, “Patriot, join my team.”

Newt Gingrich – On behalf of Marco Rubio he urges “I hope that you will take the threat of a liberal takeover and total control seriously” as he hawks for donations.

Ric Grenell – “Patriot, I was humbled to see all the patriots who became Founding Members on my new initiative to carry out President Trump’s mission to secure elections in California.”

Several more solicitations were of the same ilk, with all of them addressing the reader as “Patriot.”

The Democrat solicitations (three) all talked about the great job Mr. Biden was doing and asked for a donation to their campaign to assist him. No opponent was demonized.

Sorry, but with a steady drumbeat since the election the Trump supporters in these solicitations continue the patter of divisiveness. The Democrats to date have zipped their lips.

The truth is that I want everyone to “zip it” and just tell me for what you stand as opposed to putting horns on the opponent. All these Republican candidates who want to out-Trump Trump by attacking the other candidate by inflammatory rhetoric should stop. They’re actually demonstrating that they cannot work in a bi-partisan manner. Finally, they should cease calling people “Patriot” who flourish on bombast because sowing hatred harms unity. Patriots don’t do that.

Violet is an attorney and former state attorney general.

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