Ethan Shorey

Our Valley Breeze website,, will have an all-new look and functionality as of early next week.

The local content found both in our five print editions and online will be the same as ever, but the new site from Town News will have a nicer look and be easier to use. Publisher James Quinn told me that while our staff can easily find older news items, the general public sometimes has a harder time doing so, and that will change with this new site.

“The way our current website works, it’s kind of a brand-new website each week,” he said.

In addition to finding previous stories more easily, readers will also notice a less ad-heavy experience. While advertising will generally be at the same levels, it will appear and look different, making it “a little less in your face,” said Quinn.

“We’re basically starting over,” he said. “The setup will be better.”

Online readers should also notice that the mobile version of the site has a look that’s more similar to the look and functionality of the desktop version.

There will also be better options on presentation, including photos.

Online commenters will have to sign up fresh to be able to leave comments, and classified advertisers will have to do the same with this new site.

The Breeze continues to lead the way on local news coverage in both print and online, and we want to keep making the consumer experience better on both fronts. We thank those of you who provided valuable feedback as we were planning this site, and we’ll continue to rely on those comments as we work out any kinks in the coming weeks.

Thank you as always for reading and taking an interest in the life of your community. Whether in print or online, our mission continues to be about making our communities stronger by telling their stories.

For those who feel led to contribute to what we do beyond reading our stories and supporting our advertisers every chance you get, visit .

Our award-winning crew

I’m so proud that our staff was able to tie last year’s high of 13 wins in the Rhode Island Press Association’s annual awards last Friday, including three first-place finishes. Week in and week out, we hear from you our readers about what you enjoy about The Breeze, but it was really great to again hear from an independent panel of judges in Idaho that what we’re doing is some of the best news coverage in Rhode Island, and among the best anywhere for a free weekly newspaper.

I’m also proud to be taking the reins with my friend Elyse Major as co-presidents of the R.I. Press Association. We have big plans to help strengthen this state’s press corps and the news coverage that makes Rhode Island a better place.

As Elyse and I said last Friday, we’re both relentlessly positive, in part because we have the mentality of just getting it done, no matter what, and doing it with excellence and integrity.

Autumn in the Valley

This week is our special Autumn in the Valley edition. Our staff put a lot of work into it, and I hope it shows.

Ethan Shorey has written for The Breeze since 2006 and been editor of the paper since 2017. In addition to reporting, he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring Rhode Island, grilling, home improvement, restoring furniture, and playing yard games.

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Captain Cumberland

Nice job on the new website, it looks great! I really like the responsive design. It works well on different sized devices. Nice use of photos too. It all looks much more clean and modern, and the ads are not as intrusive.

There might be a small bug on the Opinion page. It lists the same story 4 times (Tall Men, Short Shorts), and 2 of those links just point to the photo of the book cover.

Overall, the new design is a huge improvement. Thanks for all of your hard work putting out a great local newspaper and website.

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