As a Lincoln resident who makes frequent use of Chase Farm Park, I am deeply troubled by the news that the town of Lincoln will be cooperating with Disney to facilitate the production of a film there. I have several different concerns.

The first, financial: what amount of money is being paid to the town as compensation for this use of public land? How can citizens know that the money will be used in a worthy manner that compensates for the interruption of normal use of the park?

Concerning politics: who was involved in this decision? What deliberations were held? Were the mixed opinions of Lincoln residents considered?

Finally, my ethical concerns: I personally dislike Disney as a company on account of their questionable ethics, and won’t cooperate with their business willingly. More importantly, I am extremely skeptical of the ethics involved in allowing an entertainment media monopoly to conduct business in a public park, not to mention building structures and potentially denying access to the park’s main walkway. Even if the money will go to a worthy cause, is our park for sale to Disney?

Drew Abram


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