In her column, "Waiting for an apology and a promise," Ms. Sanzi seems to be missing some data. A cursory survey of non-partisan data on COVID rates in Sweden shows a spike in cases and deaths at the beginning of 2022, as well as two other spikes in deaths earlier in the pandemic. Further research shows that at times Sweden either required or recommended policies limiting opening of schools and businesses. Apparently the current cumulative death rate is close to that of the U.S., and the death rate in nursing homes was especially high. They also have an over 75 percent vaccination rate (that's the lowest rate for Sweden I've found).

Moreover, Sweden has universal tax-funded health care, resulting in a nearly uniformly excellent health care system, unlike the U.S., where people may have inadequate or no health care coverage.

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DO you know what the tax rate is in Sweden to allow for "free" health care?

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