Before I retired, I and my PhD colleagues taught college finance students various skills including those for bank asset and liability management. Our students were also made aware of people skills needed to relate to banking customers. Nowadays I sometimes wonder if bank middle and senior managers have forgotten the need for such “soft” skills.

Last week I went to the Bank of America branch near Four Corners and during an extensive wait was stuck in a line of customers. Bank transactions usually take only a few minutes, but that day the lead customer occupied the sole teller (nowadays called a “relationship banker”) for about 15-20 minutes. Three of us stood in line with silent but growing frustration. Later a fourth customer joined us.

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Thank you for letting everyone know that your a Phd. A suggestion from a layman, change banks.


I am not a Ph.D but do know the right spelling and usage… There is your, and you’re, you are. I believe you meant to use YOU’RE…….👍


I actually thank you for the correction. I’ll chalk I up to mental laziness. :)

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