When I was growing up I remember fathers portrayed on television as intelligent, hardworking and faithful. They were depicted as the head of the family and were always present to give counsel to their children. They were not portrayed as muttering, stuttering imbeciles who had no clue as to what was going on in their own household. They were not portrayed as buffoons to be laughed at.

Most of the people I grew up with never spoke ill of their fathers and many looked up to them as someone who not only went to work to give them a decent life but also as someone who had the ability to guide and direct them. What was truly interesting was that most of these fathers had survived WWII having served in one of the nation’s military organizations. We were all proud of our dads for having been a part of such an amazing endeavor and many of us wanted to emulate them.

But for some strange reason this sick and twisted society that has befallen us seems to feel that fathers are no longer necessary. That children can be brought up in single parent households and that they can be molded by society itself. And just look at how that magnanimous idea has worked out. Crime, anarchism, drug problems and a total lack of ethics or conscience have taken over. The moral compass of most is simply spinning in every direction as it has no true course to pursue. And what is truly amazing is that it will probably get worse because anyone who tries to set the course back on the right track is laughed at and labeled a deplorable, a hater or revolting.

John Cervone

North Providence

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