As our country continues to balance its budget on the elderly, disabled, and lower incomes, it has a negative impact on the overall economics and health of millions of good Americans. The largest consequence is health of sick or injured Americans who have special dietary needs, diabetics and brain injured for a few. Then the beautiful children of these families are put in a precarious position for health and welfare. So our leaders have picked an easy target of millions with no heard voice for suffering.

We could be the strongest nation in the free world with income equality with the equity utilizing of micro and macro economics for all Americans. America remains the lowest of all in income equality of the wealthiest of democracies in the free world, numerically we are at 20 out of 20 in the free world. The exponential human suffering by America’s statesmen can be seen across our country, meaning more good Americans will perish of inadequate nourishment and no medical care. One nation under God, fragmenting light into darkness and shadows.

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