In Erika Sanzi’s column last issue, (March 1-7), she rails against pandemic lockdowns, and cites the British Cochrane study (the “Gold standard” for rigorous reviews of health care data) to support her position. The findings of that Cochrane study have been debunked. It is inaccurate in stating that masks didn’t work to prevent COVID-19.

Ms. Sanzi then comments on the possibility of there being a lab leak in China that unleashed COVID-19 on the world. She notes that the U.S. Energy Department along with the FBI has “found” that COVID-19 was “likely” a mishap in a Chinese lab. The Energy Department made that claim with “low confidence.” I’m doubtful that the truth can be found in something that is considered “low confidence.”

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or just not the facts you want?


I am concerned that Jim Dawson's definition of the words "misinformation" and "debunked" is influenced by current political trends and influence, to silence credible studies and opinions which are contrary to the "officially" accepted narrative.

It wasn't long ago that the "lab leak theory" was censored this way, and tagged as misinformation by these same "fact-checkers." And, let us not forget that we were told that the vaccines were effective and prevented transmission. We were not allowed to say otherwise.


"You were not allowed to..."? By whom?

Reminder for all the passionate defenders of what they think the Constitution says: The First Amendment protects you from the government enacting laws or punishments for you saying or writing whatever nonsense you care to vocalize (among other important things). No one disallowed you from saying anything.

Also: was it a lab leak or a hoax? It can't be both.

Lastly: "...credible studies and opinions..." OK, I'll bite. Please provide them.

Despite your never-ending narrative, it's quite apparent you aren't being silenced by anyone seeing as you are just about daily allowed to post false political narratives with no context, medical misinformation and opinion without any formal training, all while constantly attacking American ideals and institutions.


The context is the letter which calls for labeling contrary narratives as misinformation, just as big tech and big media have done and continue to do, based upon politics. Glad I could help you along.

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