The opinion piece in The Valley Breeze of 8/24-8/30 by Erika Sanzi "Waiting for an apology and a promise" is disappointing. It is simplistic and shallow.

Ms. Sanzi questions science by using examples that are mere straw men (lobotomies, nicotine/opioid addiction). This is in furtherance of her attack on the scientific response to COVID-19, one of the worst pandemics to beset the world.

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It's been truly shocking since Covid appeared to learn how many willfully ignorant and incredibly selfish people exist in America. Let me see if I have this right....Science and all the doctors are wrong but Ms. Sanzi with absolutely zero experience in infectious diseases is right based on some links she found about other countries? Science and doctors are all wrong but when Joe Rogan...who just to remind you convinced people to eat animal genitalia on national TV...says to use horse drugs to cure Covid people listen to him? The CDC and WHO is wrong...but Russell Brand, a comedian with again zero experience in infectious diseases is right because "he tells it like it is?" Science and doctors are all wrong....but anti-vax moms with zero experience in infectious diseases unhinging at school board meetings because wearing a mask gives her precious acne are right? Science and doctors are all wrong but the guy who says to drink bleach and wonders if we can inject sunlight into the body is right?

The epic magnitude of Ms. Sanzi's entitlement is staggering. The only thing more on display is her ignorance.


Framing this as one extreme or the other is disingenuous. Science is susceptible to politics and greed. Try more tolerance and less venom.


you hit the nail on the head.thank you


Just like Rachel Maddow said if you get the jab covid stops, you can't get it and can't spread it. Fauci had to just retire because a Red Wave is coming and he's trying to run from being held accountable for his lies. You also know that Ivermectin has been used in humans forever (and he didn't say he only used Ivermectin, but it was one of many treatments he used to get better in 3 days). Did Sleepy Joe or the CDC ever tell people to exercise, lose weight to minimize the risk?

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