What is happening to our society that it's become so out of touch with the “truth,” and filled with so much “anger and hatred?” The following information may provide some satisfactory answers to this question.

First, we all experience “anger” in our everyday life situations. We get angry at others, we get angry at ourselves, we get angry at things that go wrong, etc. ... There are productive and unproductive ways of expressing and responding to anger reactions in one's self and others. “Anger” has a place in effective communication provided it is targeted to an appropriate event and we know what we are trying to accomplish by such communication.

These days, however, some people don't know how to control their anger. They overreact and become irrational, thus the information-feedback function gets lost. If anger lingers on, it then becomes inappropriate and takes on a destructive impact, which is now occurring in many areas of our country.

Second, “hatred” is now more prevalent in America than ever before, especially regarding our diverse cultures and political establishments. “Hatred” is often motivated by feelings of envy, jealousy and betrayal. Haters usually intend and desire to hurt, destroy, or even make one suffer. They often form peer groups who are emotionally contagious and share their behaviors and ideals that strengthen the bonds between them. They partake in specific activities where everyone, when participating, are made to feel as being responsible and valued. They also partake in social vandalism which generates great emotional excitement, and serves to obtain approval and social recognition of the group. Does this remind you of any particular political party, and do the words “community organizers” sound familiar?

Verbal aggression is a tactic which is also often used by angry people and haters, especially by certain political figures. It can be very subtle, used with many euphemisms (refined words), and can also involve much sarcasm. Plus, whether or not there are children present at their public gatherings, they often use “foul” language which is often totally disregarded, i.e., there is absolutely no regret for its unrestrained usage. Most of all, today's children are being exposed to this harshness, which is certainly unproductive for their future! Well, so much for our trying to uphold a respectful and peaceful society, right? The question is, “How can people who feel intense “anger and hatred” be happy, care for others, and/or live peacefully within themselves?”

As "Columbo" would say, “just one more thing” ... a big thank you to The Valley Breeze for giving us the opportunity to use our “freedom of speech,” which certain people no longer honor.

Finally, pray for America's fate and freedom!

“Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Pauline M Demers


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