Cities and towns need to be creative when it comes to hiring snow plow contractors. I’ve heard it over and over that the high cost of liability insurance keeps many away from working for cities and towns.

Most if not all municipalities are insured through the Rhode Island Interlocal Trust set up by state charter to pool insurance cost.

The cities and towns should ask the “Trust” to set up a special program for snow plowing so that contractors can plow during the winter.

Instead of $XX per hour maybe it’s $5 per hour less and that goes toward the liability coverage?

If every municipality asked the trust to set the program up, I’m sure something can be done.

Last we need is complaining about roads being cleared because the exorbitant cost imposed on contractors’ commercial insurance policy.

Paul DiModica


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Thomas Ficca

It is not only insurance cost that is making it hard to get snow plow contractors . One must also figure in the cost of equipment , maintenance of said equipment , fuel cost and drivers to drive these very expensive equipment . With all the regulations for a C.D.L. driver to hold a C.D.L. a lot guys are letting them go . The Federal Government and the States need to back of on some of these very ridiculous requirements. I just had my health card renewed and the hoops one has to go through to keep one is just down right criminal ! In 2 more years when I turn 65 I WILL be cutting up mt C.D.L. after 40+ years of holding one. I don't want to do it but the Government is FORCING out drivers every day !

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