There was a time when living in Cumberland offered a pleasant and quiet way of life. Granted, an increase in population will always change the character of an area, but a small percentage of individuals can aggravate the situation to an abnormal level. Besides the well-documented speeding issue, one encounters the following on a daily basis:

Irritating levels of noise from motorcycles (and to a lesser extent, cars), whose mufflers have been altered, produce shrieking decibel levels that can be heard miles away. The noise generated by one of these vehicles must be endured as it not only approaches but departs one’s location for at least the length of 2 miles.

Barking (sometimes howling) dogs is another noise issue. A dog owner should be considerate enough to ensure his/her dog doesn’t bark at every pedestrian or passing car.

Additionally, the town some time ago made in-law apartments legal since it supposedly couldn’t enforce the rule banning them. Now it’s made fire pits legal for the same reason. However, some fire pits generate such a foul air odor that residents must shut their windows. With climate change a big issue, why would fire pits be permitted anyway? And enforcement of fire pit regulations is ineffective.

By the way, using the above logic that the town has put forth to change its laws, why not make speeding legal?

Domenick Fabrizio


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mendon rd user

I TOTALLY agree. I could not have said this better myself

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