The upcoming primary for District 57 is something that should be on every resident’s radar that lives in south Cumberland and Central Falls. The race this year is a fresh newcomer to the politics game, Brandon Voas, vs. the incumbent of over a decade, Rep. Jim McLaughlin.

As a former District 1 town councilor, I have first-hand experience working with Rep. McLaughlin. I will preface by saying that this is nothing personal to him as a person, but to who he is as a politician who represents District 57. As the first woman to hold that seat for District 1, my working relationship with him consisted of being told what I “should do,” and what I “should think,” instead of working together with mutual interests to represent our overlapping districts. Rep. McLaughlin’s views on a woman having the choice to make decisions over her own body did not align with my own. To push his own legislative agenda onto me because it is what I “should” do, and to do so in the least respectful way, will forever stick in my mind with how Rep. McLaughlin views a young woman.

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