Dear North Smithfield,

America’s founders did not want political parties. They thought political parties in a democracy would get in the way of working toward the common good. People would have allegiance to their party rather than to our society. Turn to North Smithfield 2021.

According to The Valley Breeze, Nov. 4-10, 2021, there are a number of North Smithfield leaders who are putting their hurtful bizarre national politics ahead of the safety, intellectual growth and well-being of our children. The list includes members of the Town Council, Council President John Beauregard, council member Stephen Corriveau, as well as council member Claire O’Hara. A former teacher?

They had the gall to present a 10-minute Republican party propaganda video for 10 minutes of precious council time in an attempt to further their national right-wing political agenda at the expense of our schools. Council President Beauregard praised the presentation telling the presenter, “Your politics are definitely in the right place ...” Apparently these miscreants have marching orders from their national party, FOX, OAN, and the like, to invade our schools with their politics and lies, similar to what is happening in countless small towns across America.

Mr. Beauregard, a former leader in law enforcement, was voted off the Town Council a few years ago after he pushed North Smithfield into the national limelight over systemic racism. Well, he is back. And he has friends.

I say to these North Smithfield leaders: “Leave our kids alone.” First you say the virus is no big deal, you don’t want to follow precautions, you don’t want to mask, then you protest when others mask, you don’t want to test, you don’t want to get vaccinated, then you don’t want others to get vaccinated, and now you are putting our children at risk. You have made this pandemic far worse than it ever needed to be. You still can’t see the errors of your ways. Why are you so blind?

If you wish to teach your kids and grandkids not to search for truth, not to believe in the scientific method, not to care about rules, not to care about others, or that civilized democracy isn’t important, do it in the privacy of your homes. Our kids will have definite advantages over your kids. Do not drag our kids down to your level. And never, ever put our kids’ lives and intellectual development at risk.

Keep the national politics out of town government. Keep it out of our schools. Listen to the vast majority of medical experts. Work to find solutions to problems and how to improve systems. Work for the greater good.

Is this really the best we’ve got North Smithfield? Parents, your children are being played like a yo-yo. So are you Mr. Beauregard, Mr. Corriveau, and Ms. O’Hara. Some of your kids and grandkids will learn the truth someday. And they will wonder about you.

Douglas Hagen

North Smithfield

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It is so very good to hear another critical thinker share his thoughts about the trio of Beauregard, Corriveau and O’Hara. What an absolute show of political theater, played to a base of supporters for no other reason than to ingratiate themselves. As disgusted as I was with the showing of the video, ( Jim Jordan the Penn State wrestling denier yelling at Merrick Garland,) by Steven Corriveau, I was more disgusted by the sentiments expressed by John B., “Steve, your politics are in the right place,” and Claire expressing that the motion was “marvelous.” It is frightening to think that Claire could ever have been an elementary school teacher. And worse, she states she had to have her house alarmed because of perceived threats, from the left? Honestly? Laughable! I believe that mistakes were made when John Beauregard was returned to office, as was Claire O’Hara. Of more concern is Steven Corriveau, much more dangerous than the other two. But you know what they say, birds of a feather….

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