I have been a radio talk show host for 50 years. In that time, I have spoken with every type of caller you can imagine.

Now, it is important to point out that I fully believe in freedom of speech. In my many years on the air, I have been dedicated to supplying that opportunity to thousands of listeners. I also had the responsibility and obligation to challenge any statement I believed to be untrue. Caller attacks based on religious or racial bias were confronted. There must be objection to any rhetoric that could incite violence or danger to the members of these targeted groups.

One of the two radio stations licensed to Woonsocket has two hosts, who don’t seem to understand this obligation. Or do they? If a radio host remains silent after hearing something, that to most Americans may sound hateful or racist, perhaps it is because they not so secretly agree with these statements.

In the last several months I have heard callers to that station attacking Jews, Black Americans and poorer citizens who receive any type of public assistance. The silence coming from these hosts at the end of these statements is deafening. They should be ashamed of what lies in their hearts. We all need to remember, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Dave Kane


Kane is a former radio host on WNRI

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Mr Kane, thank you for speaking up on the issue of the radio hosts in the City of Woonsocket. The hate spewed daily by the hosts and the misinformation that they relay is unconscionable. They consistently present falsehoods and let their callers remain unchallenged. They are an embarrassment to the City, but beloved by their audience, who demonstrate their racism daily, unchallenged by anyone…I suggest all should listen in and boycott the advertisers that support these shows.

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