As we approach the Democratic Primary on Sept. 13, an advancement in political ground should be made as a direct result of what a candidate stands for or has accomplished. Desperate campaigns pride themselves on their use of negative ads, mailers or by pure distortions of facts in letters to the editor in order to damage an established reputation of a proven candidate. There are certain candidates who build their playbooks solely upon these negative tactics. However, Jim McLaughlin is not one of them.

Let’s reflect upon the accomplishments of Rep. McLaughlin during his tenure. He stands steadfast in his beliefs that it is important to eliminate the car tax, eliminate state taxes on military pensions, as well as sponsoring a bill to suspend the state gas tax. Rep. McLaughlin believes in keeping your hard-earned dollars with you, the members of the community he represents.

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Beware of the Kinch's- they are a political family, most of them work for the government. Parents, kids, spouses. Lots of tax dollars going to their pensions and benefits- enough to make you woozy.


Obviously MOST members of our Town Council have not only been doing a great job for the Citizens of the Town of Cumberland since first elected, but they have also been paying attention to the overall excellent job that Jim McLaughlin, one of our most outstanding State Reps ever, has been doing representing Cumberland and Central Falls in comparison to the accomplishments (if any) of those that feel they must vilify him!

Petty and personal politics, obviously and unfortunately, are a part of the game...and when you look closely, again, at whom are supporting, and whom are not supporting Representative McLaughlin, it is glaringly obvious, at least it is to me, whom those that may be on the fence should cast their vote for in the upcoming primary.

Voters/Residents of District 57 need to do their homework and take the time, to read between the lines, and look at the job Jim has done since he was first elected. Voters, again, need look at whom are the High Quality, Highly Respected Individuals, on both sides of the aisle that have spoken on his behalf!

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