As the election is around the corner, please keep in mind of the progress in North Smithfield under the current Town Administrator Mr. Paul Zwolenski and the current Town Council. It’s nice to see the Town Council working collaboratively with the administrator. Many people I talk to tell me that North Smithfield is a role model community. Most things happening in town are positive and benefit all our residents. One huge benefit is the addition of another staffed rescue to help keep our community safer. The new improvements at the athletic fields are great. The Pumpkin Fest, arts and craft vendors in the park and yearly cleanups are only a few of the happenings to mention that take place.

Very seldom you hear criticism in town, but sometimes you hear or read about the critics who are disgruntled because they can’t get their own way or they weren’t elected to public office.

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Tom Devito

Mr. Lapierre “ The new improvements at the athletic fields are great”. Let see we spent over $1 million dollars of a field that only benefit a small portion of the taxpayers. But the town council again ignored the roads study that calls for a spending plan $800,000 per year and reduced the roads budget by $200,000. All so they can run their own agenda and spend on wasteful consultants. For example spending on a police station design that is double the size needed. Just note from a financial perspective this council will put North Smithfield in a precarious future financial situation riddled with debt and no funding to maintain current infrastructure. What is lacking with the current administration is very little to zero financial experience necessary to asses the impact to future cash flow and the impact to taxpayers.

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