Deliberately misleading the general public for the purpose of achieving an elected office is an act that the people of Lincoln can no longer afford.

Candidate Phil Gould has mischaracterized the condition of the Police Department as being accredited since last March. The truth of the matter is that the Lincoln Police Department has never in its history received a top-tier accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. In fact, previous studies have stated that the Lincoln Police Department has fallen behind industry standards with almost all facets of its operations (i.e., the department doesn’t even have body cameras!). Not only has Phil Gould mischaracterized the condition of the Police Department, he has further embellished his record upon the people of Lincoln, claiming he has successfully written several grants, where in reality he has only achieved one with the help of others in his nearly 30-year career.

What’s further concerning is that Mr. Gould has currently worked on a policy that would allow other police officers from other departments to make lateral transfers to the Lincoln Police Department. This new policy would allow for easy transfers for other police officers to achieve the goal of obtaining a second municipal pension, thus opening the door to significant levels of abuse and cronyism, while leaving good Lincoln residents at a disadvantage to compete for employment within the department in the future. Also, let it be known, Lincoln has a different pension system than most other cities and towns and we shouldn’t attract a double dipping policy.

Further, Mr. Gould’s ability and experience needs to come into question. Currently, he sits on the school building commission for the High School, a commission seat that is prohibited to him by law. As a matter of fact, no Lincoln employee is allowed to sit on any board or commission. With that said, he’s not the only violator – there are many others serving in dual capacities as well, however, Phil Gould should know better. His job as a police officer is to ensure local laws are enforced per (Town Charter C9-2). Without question, the High School project has been mishandled at best, and there is no reason to get into the matter, most residents are aware of this colossal multi-million dollar failure. My concern is that candidate Phil Gould sits on a commission that he cannot be legally involved with, and has participated in the disastrous results that have resulted in an inferior education complex, while lacking the ability to even recognize these failings.

In conclusion, Phil Gould has deliberately embellished his record to artificially gain standing before the Lincoln voters, and has openly utilized his standing as a police officer to benefit his own kind while lacking the ability to know and understand how the governance of municipal government works.

I believe it’s imperative that the people of Lincoln have the proper information in order to choose wisely in this special election for town administrator.

Dean Lees

Former Town Council president, Lincoln

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