On Monday, Sept. 13, our Town Council held a special meeting to discuss the unacceptable conditions of the sidewalks in several areas of Lincoln. The meeting was prompted by two of my e-mail complaints about the terrible conditions of the sidewalks and the lack of maintenance we have experienced in Lincoln for years. After a lengthy discussion, it was clear that some action was needed to improve the situation.

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well” was written by Philip Stanhope in 1744. Clearly, this does not apply with the maintenance of Lincoln.

Three of the significant areas mentioned at the meeting were acted on last week and all were done so poorly, it is embarrassing.

• Walker Street sidewalk paving

• Walker Street overgrowth and brush removal

• Lonsdale Avenue overgrowth and brush removal

- Litter was not picked up, just mowed or paved over

- Did not remove any trimmings

- Trimming debris left on the sidewalk

- Still sections where 3 foot weeds remain

- Some uncut 2 foot weeds pushed down onto the sidewalk resulting in possible tripping hazard

I cannot believe they would leave it in that condition. The project should have been: remove litter, trim, cut, rake, remove, sweep, blow and leave it looking presentable. If a contractor was hired to do the work and it was left in that condition, I would not accept those results. Why is Lincoln’s DPW expecting Lincoln residents to accept it? #Lincoln Deserves Better

Thank you for your support.

Bill McManus


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John Flynn

Thank you Bill for leading this effort to make our Town more attractive.

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