Response to Josh O’Neill’s “In defense of Build Back Better and truth telling in politics:”

I’ve always been a big fan of Tom Ward’s editorials. His political viewpoints often mirror mine. In spite of that I had no problem with Mr. O’Neill’s defense of BBB — other than his impugning Tom’s honesty (“truth telling in politics;” “highly deceptive analysis”). That is, until I got to this part: “And lastly, perhaps Mr. Ward has forgotten that Cumberland is a Democratic town and that his viewpoint is not shared by the majority of town residents.” My interpretation: “We’re the majority here Tom, so shut up.” Sorry Josh but that’s not how democracy is supposed to work. We still have freedom of speech although too many of our citizens would rather we did not. Thanks to The Valley Breeze for supporting balanced viewpoints. Even the occasional uncivil ones.

Josh, Tom might be mistaken as we all are at times, but he’s certainly not a liar and absent evidence to the contrary that characterization is unwarranted and rude. The difference between Tom and you is that if he was still editor of The Valley Breeze I believe that he would have published your letter anyway.

Ed Monaco


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