As Election Day approaches, it is time to reflect on the last two years here in North Smithfield.

Despite a host of problems, I believe that the council incumbents, Kim Alves, John Beauregard, Steve Corriveau, and Claire O’Hara have done a good job in maintaining a good quality of life for all of our residents.

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I've only lived in N Smithfield for a few years, but I've been happy with how the town is generally run so far. It's part of the reason my wife, kids, and I, moved here in the first place! They'll have my vote.

John Cardone

Craig, I couldn’t agree more, good, bad or indifferent this current council is making strides in their attempt to improve the community for all residents. Considering the unprecedented situation imposed with covid and to a certain extent our own State and Federal Government caused more hardship than help, this group held the line to do as much in good faith as one could ask. Perfect!? Not buy a long shot, but in good faith? Absolutely. It’s always easier to take pop shots from the bench to criticize and critique. This group has grit, and a vision. I am struck by a certain exchange in which this TC was attempting to encourage the SC to denounce the vitriol slandering and libeling local parents as domestic terrorists coming from likely insiders in education and Government sources. This hardship placed with a flurry of irresponsible mandates (later proven ineffective)and pipelining clearly inappropriate CRT type hyper sexuality grooming and political activism into the curriculum . Parents plead to stop the practice( mandates) and backed it up by a Superior Court finding that it was actively causing irreparable mental harm to our children. This fact being ignored by officials. It is during the course of this meeting and debate Mrs. O’Hara made a revelation that left me stunned. That in past political debate, a certain group of malcontents made her so intimidated it required her to alarm her property, increasing security and was in fear of harm of injury to herself, her children and her grandchildren. I was stunned at the revelation and found her genuine and compelling words with emotion. Curiously enough only a portion of her revelation made it to the recorded session, coincidence? Liberty first, we are better citizens than that or to tolerate such Marxist/ Eastern block tactic. Bravery is about being scared, and doing the right thing for the greater good anyway. This group is brave and my hat is off to you.

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