Domenick Fabrizio’s letter about town noise (Valley Breeze Oct. 14) made some reasonable points. However, we think his assessment of the various sources of commotion on our street in Cumberland was incomplete.

The numerous causes of clamor he mentioned (obnoxious motorcycles, loud cars needing new mufflers, barking dogs) are all true here. But he didn’t write about noise caused by lawnmowers and other outdoor landscaping motorized equipment. We wonder if such devices may have lost whatever deadening capabilities they once had and now run much too loudly. Granted, all such work occurs in mid-day and adheres to local anti-noise ordinances. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions some of us work from home for our employers and require less outside clamor as we converse with colleagues and bosses via Zoom.

Excessive noise is an issue probably plaguing other parts of Cumberland and indeed other towns and cities. It would be appreciated if all outdoor workers (homeowners and their hired professionals) would sympathize more often with neighbors and properly muffle their motorized equipment.

Ed & Dalia Bubnys


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