I just read Mr. Yorke’s column concerning the coronavirus. His closing comments I find extremely offensive. To come out and say people who have not received the COVID vaccine should be denied medical attention is against everything that doctors and nurses are trained to do.

Why stop there? People who practice unprotected sex should be denied medical treatment if they get AIDS? You get in an automobile accident and were not wearing a seat belt you can be refused aid? You might say this is silly but many Germans thought Hitler was silly too. How did that work out for Germany? This is still America, not Amerika.

I have my corona vaccine but I find his remarks repulsive and against everything this country supposedly stands for. How you could let his comments insert itself in your paper should be offensive to everyone who reads your paper and to all who advertise in your pages.

You may say it is a personal opinion and that on its face may be true but is a cop out. This is my personal opinion.

Joe Musial


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