I write in response to Paul Jones’ personally insulting press release directed at me and printed in last week’s Valley Breeze. I’d prefer not to as I have spent most of 2022 otherwise ignoring his barrage of insulting commentary disguised as a political campaign but this time I feel I had no choice given the platform he received.

Following the election in November the RIGOP filed a campaign finance complaint against Jones based on numerous and obvious inconsistencies in his reporting. Although the issues were plain for weeks, RIGOP only filed it after the votes were cast so no one could accuse it of attempting to affect the election as that was never the point. Among the highlights were Jones’ failure to report over $8,000 worth of mailers and printing costs, the use of a professional PR firm, and a two page advertisement disguised as a “news” story in a statewide ad circular. There were smaller issues as well.

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Lisa Jackson

Paul Jones tried to cheat with his campaign finance and got caught. He caught a break from BOE.

In my opinion, Paul Jones should be on his knees thanking God he escaped harsher penalty instead of blaming everyone else under the sun for his own mistakes.

Tom Devito

Paul Jones has shown his true colors again. Brian you are right on point. This is just another reason not to ever vote for Paul Jones.

Paul Jones

Yeesh. I don’t think I’ve ever met a sore winner as bad as Brian Newberry.

There’s a lot to unpack amongst all the wild accusations and insinuations, so let me just focus on what he says is the most egregious: I was told by Richard Thornton, head of campaign finance, to assign the accounts payable label as seen. It seems Brian needs a refresher on campaign finance, so maybe he should give Richard a call. I also do not have the time, inclination, or obsession to go through all of Brian’s campaign finance records, but making amendments to different reports is common to say the least.

This has grown very sad. Brian was wrong. The RIGOP was wrong. They were proven wrong by actual evidence. Rather than just moving on and admitting they were wrong, we have another lame attempt to double down from someone whose apparent sole priority as a Representative is me. To make matters worse, it’s more wrong information which is easily disproven!

I hope as a late Christmas present we can all just move on from the 2022 election. It’s over. I hope Brian decides to actually focus on representing the district, instead of … whatever this whole weird situation has been.

Paul Jones

Harry Lippitt

It should be known that Paul supports this man who was also one of Jones’s biggest supporters. All the women that Paul pandered to as him being the pro choice savior should be appalled that Jones has a relationship w this man. And even worse, this organization, that was one of Paul Jones biggest advocates, supporters and donors knowingly knew he was a sexual predator for months!!!! “You are the company you keep”



A simple "sorry, I made mistakes" would have sufficed.


Ppl might want to start with Newberry sponsoring illegal whiffle ball tournaments in a residential zoning area. Might be for a great cause, kids, but it is still a violation causing many issues for neighbors, in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. But alas, that seems ok.

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