My family and I moved to the area three years ago. We are honestly so happy here, and love everything about the area – save one thing. The driving. As they would say where we are from – ya’ll drive too fast.

Seriously, what is the rush, everyone? My daughter will be 2 in January and she’s been in a car wreck, and just last Friday was nearly mowed down on Federal Hill by a driver turning into an alley so quickly their tires screeched and my husband had to jump out of the way with her. I enjoy the faster pace up here, but, for god’s sake ... when you’re behind the wheel of a machine that weighs a ton, slow the heck down. Take the few extra seconds to pull out into traffic when its appropriate. Lane change with room, instead of darting in like it’s your last opportunity before the world ends. Get over to let others safely merge onto 95 ... you see them trying, right? Move over. Use signals. Obey speed limits. It’s not cute, its dangerous, and today, tomorrow, and for always ... more people are going to be seriously injured or die. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worth that toll.

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